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Learning more on the bike

I have just finished my 1st Tri in 15 Years and suffered on my bike it was clear by the split times that i was poor on my bike i have an old racer with gear shifters 14gears do you think this could be the trouble or could i improve tecknique etc? I dont go far on my bike i bike to work 2-3 times a week which is around trip of 10-12 mile! Do you think this isnt enough?


  • CBDCBD Posts: 4
    What was the distance of the cycle stage in the race?

    Your choice of bike could be improved upon, but I would not even consider looking at this as being part of your solution; mearly a means of making cycling a bit easier. If you get into it and want to upgrade, there are plenty of good quality second hand bikes on eBay, even some of the older ones with good frames and componentry are well worth a look.

    I would suggest from what you have outlined that your weekly commute is too little to constitute "training" in this regard.

    Without knowing your circumstances; home, life, work, budget for kit etc., I would suggest you up the miles / saddle time. The easiest way to do this is to get out n the bike, however your lifestyle and existing training may not allow this, not to mention the impending dark hours and poor whether! So; I would suggest you are best doing this by "indoor-cycling".

    Pick up a turbo trainer, need not be expensive, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/MAGNETIC-TURBO-TRAINER-ROAD-BIKE-MTB-FOLDING-JS01-/150464776960?pt=UK_SportGoods_CyclAcces_RL&hash=item2308664b00 mine is very similar to this. Its not gucci, and it relies on your gears for resistance but its works well, and saves the cost of a set of rollers or flashier trainer.

    You can set this up in front of the TV, or however you want it; there are training DVD's you can watch for motivation etc, if can and is often boring but do it right and its an easy and verry effective training tool.

    Mine is set up in the utility room, where I have my laptop on top of the freezer playing one of these training videos http://www.thesufferfest.com/, and a fan behind me; keeps me out of the wife's way!

    There is a lot of information available of how to train on a turbo, but their main benefits especially in winter are the ability to maintain a training heart rate, base fitness, good cadence and padal rotation techneque.

    I would suggest you supplement your commute with one to two sessions a week of 1hr building up to 2hrs through winter.

    An alternaive option would be to join your local cycling club (or do both!), even if you have no desire to get involved in the TT side most clubs do weekly long rides on weekends which will be a great way to supplement and get longer rides in. Maybe turbo train over the winter with a view to club riding in the spring!

    I hope this helps, if you need to know anything more just ask.

  • This is fantastic advice will a have a snoop around for a turbo and see what i can get i dont have much of a bidget as after evrything is paid i only have around £180 to myself for the month. The cycle was a 17.7K ride i did it in 1hr8mins the fastest on the day was 42mins by a Vet! Unbelivable! Anyway Thanks again for your help!
  • Sorry wasnt 17.7k was 17.7 mile!
  • Thats not too bad if you are using a heavy old bike and you havn't trained properly

    i did a training run of 22 miles and it was 1 hour 10 but i am covering up to 150 miles a week and sitting on 2.5K's worth of carbon and stuff.

    you should at least put one cycle in a week of the distance you intend to race.

    If you do not intend to go Olympic and just stick to sprints then 15-20 mile's one per week, 1 interval ride and one hill ride a week will see your times vastly improve. You need to know you can do the distance comfortably build up to it over 4 weeks. start with 10 then 13 then 15 then 20. and enjoy it.

    You can make use of your commute as well. i cycle 30 mile round trip to work 3 times a week. the early session is spent in moderate to high intensity and i will gun it into high intensity randomly at least 5 times throughout the cycle for 2-3 minutes.. so i am really blowing out my backside.

    the journey home is a gentle spin but i got 1 reasonably sized 1 mile hill and one shorter one which i put 100% into getting up if the first time easy sometimes i will spin down and do it again. this basically takes up my interval and hill sessions.

    Also don't drop Gym sessions Plyometrics and resistance work is equally important for speed and explosive acceleration in both the bike and the run. (i am learning on this myself)

    I then add the long one in on sunday.

    i am backing off swimming and cycling for maintenance - base training over the winter but i am upping my running as i am a "Poo" runner.
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