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Elites - swim technique

watching the ITU Budapest event yesterday on the telly box, I noticed the elites have this hacking technique and seem to breath to one side every stroke.

When I jumped back in the pool a year or so ago, this was the technique I adopted out of desperation, grabbing air at every opportunity. Then Swimsmooth teaches you the arts of breathing to both sides either every 3rd or 5th stroke to balance out the stroke and make sure you are rotating properly.

Anyone know why these elites adopt this technique? and why it is so fast?


  • Bi-lateral breathing is fine, in a calm pool, with a lane to yourself, and when you can pace yourself nicely. Balls out though, and breathing every second stroke is the only way you can get enough air into you to keep going.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    I must be an elite then because bollocks to bi-lateral.Why do all the swim coaches insist on on bi-lateral it might make your stroke "more balanced" but does it actualyy make you swin quicker???????????Not me it doesn't,all it makes me do is swallow more water
  • Nail.....Head.......Conehead has it hit it with that post!
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