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A core issue!

Hi all,

I've got a question on core workouts which you might use for better bike power etc.

I've been riding a standard road bike with clip-on tri bars for previous races but looking at getting a tri frame and setup now. I test rode a Tiger Frog branded carbon frame, deep section edge wheels and SRAM groupset and found it barely any faster than my standard road bike.
The tiger frog frame has apparently an aggressive geometry putting the rider very low at the front and I found this unstable, uncomfortable and as such problematic when trying to put power down.

So the question is what exercises can I do to strengthen my core and back muscles while also increasing flexibility/stability? What does everyone else do and more importantly, is this the only issue I face in this situation or am I missing something else in setup? Will I get used to the position eventually?

On paper, the tri bike should have been significantly faster than my road bike as the frame, wheels, groupset, position, (basically everything) were better and more geared to speed vs my aluminium road frame, stock wheels and clip on bars.

I'm hoping to move up to 70.3 so comfort will be more important than an OD race but I also want to move my speed up. My most recent OD was in hyde park last year and I clocked 71 mins for the bike which is okay but feel I should be able to go faster with a better setup, assuming I can maintain the power in a tri position.

Any thoughts gratefully received


  • Just my 2p worth, but I'd guess at the problem being flexibility rather than core strength/ fitness?

    Ideally your core would be stabalised and power comes from hips/ thighs, however lack of flexibility would def give you discomfort, and reduce power significantly. Plus if you aren't solid on the aero bar pads it feels really unsteady, which is why the most aero positions aren't necessarily the fastest...
  • Thanks.

    Is this just a case of stretching lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves then?
  • I'd say lower back and hamstrings. I have an advatage on the bike as I've really bad posture in work I always sit with my back rounded, which helps...but not the way I'd recommend doing things Having said that I had to bring my aero bars up a ways til I felt solid in them still.

    IMHO the best stretches are the bent leg hamstring ones, either lying or standing.

    Also I read a recent article (prob in 220?) which said said your aero position from hips down should be the same as road, so you bend at the waist rather than the hip, which takes a lot of lower back flex.

    Either way it comes back to the bike fitting (as always), a poor fitting £7500 bike won't make you any faster than a great fit on a £250 road bike with or without aero bars....and before I get burnt for heresy...a properly fitted TT bike, with good aero position, wheels etc. can easily take 10-15 mins off your 40km time
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