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Breathless on the Run - Help!

Having spent two seasons doing tri's I'm frustrated by being breathless at the beginning of the run. I do brick sessions as part of my training and never experience the same problems.

To combat the problem I try focusing on relaxing my breathing and running slowing until the feeling has gone (normally 20 minutes). If I walk it goes away pretty quickly but I really don't like this solution! Annoyingly I feel like I have a lot more running my legs but my respiratory rate has shot through the roof. Coming from a marathon background I've never experienced this before and don't know the cause. I suspect I may be breathing pretty fast on the bike but it doesn't cause any problems until I come to run. A friend thought it may be related to the cold swim before the bike/run. I've had my peak flow tested and I can remember it's really low. Otherwise I'm fit and healthy.

Any ideas? I thought maybe a PowerBreathe may help?


  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    sounds like you are suffering with an anxiety nothing else. I am no doc but I was suffering with breating issues and realised it was only me trying to be faster and panicing and that was all.
  • Hi - I have the same problem as you new_bee, been entering and done a couple of tris and really enjoying them apart from how to get round this breathing goes horribly wrong after bike problem? I did Bala Olympic on Sunday. I have been training recently for a marathon about 8 min 30 mile pace for 15-18 miles, when I race a stand alone 10k I finish in about 45-46 minutes. On Sunday I did the 10k in just under 52 minutes. I felt I couldn't breathe or pick up the pace until the 5 mile mark. I try slowing down and relaxing, nothing seems to work.
    I am low on iron at the moment and am taking iron tablets - could this be anything to do with the breathlessness we're experiencing?
    Any advice much appreciated - thank you.
  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174
    Bike positioning?

    I found that I can run fine off the bike (training) if I'm on my "relaxed position" road bike, but struggle like hell if I do the same on the TT bike.

    I'm guessing my problem is down to my core struggling in the aero position and need to condition myself more both to handle the position and to strengthen my core.

    Just a thought,

  • Thanks for the tips Pat! I know my core is weak and I hadn't thought to spend more time in my racing position during training. Equally I did an off road duathlon today and didn't haven any problems - something to work this winter I think
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