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S L Carbons 88mm Tubular with Shimano Freehub. Brand New, still in box. As used by ITV4 Tour Series Pro Team CyclePremier-Metaltek and top UK Time Triallist Kevin Dawson (Sportscover).
http://slcarbons.com/index.php?main_pag ... ucts_id=11
As good as Zipp but without the price tag.
SL Carbons pricing structure will be rising soon, as they have now been through rigorous testing with the season long sponsorship of CPM and come out un-scathed and race proven.

Awesome Price - listed here only

£825.00 + £14.75 p+p


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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    Just out of interest, not having contributed to the forum or made any posts anywhere except in the "For Sale" section, why would you only offer these wheels here? :roll:
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    PM sent !
    Thanks for the 'bump'
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