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new club. u.k's most northerly !!

Hello everyone, i'm new to this so go easy on me.

Just a note to let you all know of a new club starting up, the u.k's most northerly no less !!

Shetland Triathlon Club got officially formed on Tuesday, we're all newbes to triathlon, but we're all experienced in seperate disiplinces so we're gonna try to help each other get through it.

Would anyone be interested in coming to Shetland this Summer if we manage to get an event organised ? I'd hope so, its wonderful up here on a nice day, but they're few and far between !!

I'm doing at least three tris this summer for Cancer Research to get some experience too, so feel free to sponsor me. (shameless plug)


Thanks for reading

Shane Winson

Chairman, Shetland Triathlon Club


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