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Bala accident

Well here's one for you to think about and maybe learn from. On the Bala bike course last sunday's race and I was knocked off my bike by another cyclist. He was messing with his left shoe and then swerves across the road right into my path. I was doing about 28mph and ran right into the back of him. Bike and I went a over t and ended up face down in the gutter. When I looked up the guy was cycling off!!! Now I always thought if you caused an accident you checked others were ok? Have we got to the stage where a few extra seconds off your time mean that much that you dont stop now? If your out there and read this then I hope you are ashamed of your actions................


  • Sorry to hear about your experience. Thats appalling behaviour.

    I passed someone on the run whose right shoulder area was really raw, it looked really painful and I assumed that they had kissed the tarmac on the bike leg.

    Hope you get fighting fit soon.
  • Just to let you know that the bike is in the shop having gentle rub down...... The tri bars didn't look to great and may require shifters and brake levers as well!!!!
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