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Things you learn

Odd how you can read all the books but until you do this stuff for real do you actually learn anything. I put in for the half iron aquathon at Dorney without any thought, then realised we'd booked two weeks in Kefalonia, returning five days before the race. Running before was going ok but couldn't do any out in Kef, a) cos it was 44 deg, b) Mrs wouldn't let me . Swimming was ok out there until she lost sight of me for 10 mins and nearly called the coastguard.

Anyhow came back and swim was feeling good but 4 days before couldn't get past a 5k run without having to bail out. 2 days before i managed a very gentle 10k.

Almost forfeited the entry fee but spent 2 days telling myself it could be done, I could swim 3.5 k comfortably let alone the 2 required for the event and had recently done half maras. Come the day I stayed focussed, watched the majority of the field pass me and finished 90 out of 107. But I had finished where mates were laying money on me getting a DNF.

Switch to tonight. Intended to do a 40 min interval session in gym. 10 mins on the bike, 2 mins on the tread and called it a day. Why? Thought at first I was "listening to my body" but now on reflection I've had a crap week at work, loadsa stress and I was not focussed on the session in hand.

Lesson learnt-being focussed and positive can overcome but even the simplest task is made impossible by the wrong mental attitude.

Feel better now, gonna google a degree course on preaching to the converted.
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