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Cycling Pains

FiFi Posts: 31

I'm getting used to my new road bike and tri-bars (only basic models). I've found that during and after the ride I have quite a lot of pain around my shoulders and particularly the lower part of my neck. I was just wondering if this was experienced by all cyclists when getting used to a road bike or if there is something I can do to help relieve the pain whilst cycling. I don't believe this is an injury as I'm fine when I'm carrying out other exercise. I'm only training for a sprint triathlon so I think I'll be able to stand it for 14 miles but if any one could shed some light it would be helpful.




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    have you had the set up checked - it could be your bike is not quite set up to suit your height etc or you could be over reaching - any chance of getting to a decent bike shop with it? They'll check it all for you.
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    FiFi Posts: 31
    Bike set up...can any cycle shop do a bike set up or do I need a triathlon shop? I got my bike of wiggle would a bike shop still do the set up even if I didn't buy it from them?

    Thanks legalbeagle
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    If you pay them yes!

    It can be better to go to a triathlon specific place because they will be used to fitting the bike in aero position. But the best thing to do is contact your LBS and ask if they can set you up in aero. Most of them should have good experience of it as the aero position is not just used for triathlon.

    What you dont really want to do is go to your basic chain shop, because although you might get very lucky and get someone who knows what their doing, chances are they wont. And they will just set you up based on crappy calculations, anyone can do that!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Relax, relax & relax. Do not death grip your handlebars, draw your shoulder blades down your back & keep elbows relaxed, tension quickly builds in the upper body especially after the swim, so lengthen your spine, ears away from shoulders, ribs away from hips & off you go.
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