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Royal Windsor River Swim Today

Anyone else do this today?

Anyhoo lovely swim, First Open water swim for me and I went for the 3.8KM swim really wanted to test my ability to stay focused and get into a rhythm

Was very comfortable other than swimming into the buoy's twice lol

completed the swim in 1 hour 14 minutes very happy.

But did prove to me that the swim for 70.3 is not going to be a problem I was cruising at half way mark.

Really enjoyed the event it was well organised.

and Bonus Got a Medal and a T Shirt and a chunk of flapjack can't say farer than that

it's all about the Medals


  • AvoneerAvoneer Posts: 174
    Well done that man.

    Wish I was as comfortable in OW.

    Done 4 x 1500M and still trying to feel comfortable.

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