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Road Bike or Tri TT Bike?

Hi, can anyone give me their thoughts on which would be the better choice out of the Focus Cayo road bike or the Focus Culebro Tria TT bike?

I'm looking to use the bike in sprint and Olympic distance events, as well as for my daily commute, which is 30km each way.

I'm replacing a hybrid (Orbea Ernio) and have never owned a racer / road bike before. I'm a confident cyclist, but don't know which style of bike would be better for what I'm planning on using it for in the long run?

Any suggestions very appreciated!



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    MrSquishyMrSquishy Posts: 277
    Hi Phil. There;s a few people on here that have the Culebra Tria (Gavinrigg / Zacnici) and they seem to rate it.

    Not sure about using a tri bike for a daily commute though, they're not exactly the most comfortable rides.

    Is keeping the hybrid for the commute and getting a tri bike for your other bike training & racing an option?
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    I think I'd really want to use the new bike for the commute as well, so there has to be a compromise, as you say, probably between speed and comfort by the sounds of things.

    The commute on the Orbea hybrid is comfortable for sure, but I feel like it's taking a long time and do get passed, in style, by other commuters on road bikes from time to time. I'm hoping to get the commute time down a little with a road or TT bike (with some clipless pedals, which will also be a first for me!).

    Would the Cayo be a better all round option?
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    ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    The Tria is a great bike for the money with well specced components.

    Much as I advocate Tri bikes I think that if you need your bike for a commute then a roadie is the way to go as if you are having to contend with myopic drivers (hang on that's me and astigmatic as well) then IMHO a Tri bike would not be as safe.
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    Thanks to both of you for responding, I think from what you've said, what others have said and what I've read... I'm going for the road bike option. I guess I can always put aero bars on it for racing / curiosities sake and I want to join some group rides in the next few weeks, which might be more sociable on the roadie.

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    transittransit Posts: 163
    I'd agree with going for the road bike, unless you can afford two bikes then it is much more versatile. If you are going to join in a group ride some people don't like people on TT bikes in case you ram them up the @rse with an aero bar! (not the chocolatey type, well not before you ram them!), due to it being more difficult to control.
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