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pre-race cold?? help!

hi all
i am doing the london tri tomorrow and this morning i woke up with a sequence of sneeezes, body feels 'heavy' and i am not sure it is because of the weights session i did last night, nose area does not feel 'normal' (semi-snuffly, semi-blocked) and paranoia has started registering ...
i am going through a whole bowl of blueberries as we speak but i wonder if there is anything else i can do?
any suggestions anybody? any doctor/triathletes outthere? should i start popping the pills, the lemsips and the echinacea as a prevention measure? all advice much appreciated!
if i will not be able to race because i got a cold the day before will be tragicaly ironic!!!


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Bugger ,is your body temp slightly raised,is your resting heart rate slightly elevated,both could show signs of cold,flu symptoms.See how the day progresses,take some echinacea,maybe some honey and lemon,try to lay off any cold cures and painkillers as they may mask the symptoms of a cold/virus and if you strain yourself through exercise it may lead to something a lot more serious than a cold.Give it a couple of hours to see if it gets worse and try not to let your mind play tricks on you.
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    Get a correct diagnosis. If its a cold you (In my opinion, just me, i do this crap, if i die young then it may be a bad idea) can still go, just take it easy. If its a flu then your shot, just sit it out.

    It doesnt sound like you need to be sitting it out anyway, i did weights two days ago and i feel like iv been hit by a bus. If you got the snuffles it could just be tiredness/fatigue...whyd you do weights so close to the tri anyway?

    Either way hope your feeling better for the morra!
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    risris Posts: 1,002
    get as much rest as you can, plenty of fruit, all the good things recommended above.

    i know it's all wrong but if it is a cold then i'd probably do it and accept that i might get it worse and be laid off for a bit longer by it. flu though, i'd not sure i'd risk it for flu...

    you can only go on your gut feelings on the day. with any luck it'll a 24h job and you'll feel much better tomow. good luck for the race!
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    BootooBootoo Posts: 29
    Definitely check your temp. I had swine-flu (yawn - I know) and thought it was just a bad cold. Apparently the difference is having a fever or not??
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    Sore joints (the ones that connect your bones troops) as well?
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    durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    hmm - perhaps I did have swine flu after all ... had temp and sore joints.

    If you think it's that I wouldn't race, whatever I had laid me low for ten days, after the first three I was fine just as long as I didn't do anything but felt like I would faint if I tried exercising...... Still not quite 100%

    Hope you're feeling better!
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    sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    thank you all for your advice,
    been doing it all, fruits, echinacea, ok haven't done rest yet but it is the next move
    temperature is low +-35.5C, no cough, no headache, no serioulsy sore joints, just a general 'low', an unwellness, shivers, the idea of water makes my skin go funny, i can 'feel' my throat but doesnt ache....
    anyway, had some homemade chicken soup and off to bed for an early night and some rest..
    if i will be like this tomorrow i will give it a go although i wont have in me 100% , however i am hoping for a brand new me....
    ...time will tell...goodnight all!
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