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CO2 cartridges

came across a link to this

http://www.tyreinflators.co.uk/co2-cart ... cat_2.html

some real bargains there!

So - question is...

- suggestions/recommendations for an inflator please (there's a link on the page) ... from which I can then get suitable cartridges...


- threaded or non threaded?




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    RSRS Posts: 8
    I use CO2 for my DH & XC mountain bikes and road bike, for the road bike I use the Air Chuck SL
    (http://www.tyreinflators.co.uk/innovati ... _1133.html). It's small and light enough to be carried while racing and it's easy to use. BTW you need threaded for the small chuck-type inflators.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Keynsham 10k - 43:01 (62nd)
    Castle Combe June Duathlon June - 00:52:37 (61st)
    Bristol Bikefest 6hr solo - 8laps/05:21:22 (7th)
    Bradley Stoke 10k - 41:17 (19th)
    Castle Combe "Monster" Duathlon - 1:33:58 (28th)
    Bristol Sprint Tri - 1:12:07 (10th)
    Like your progress RS! That's some improvement during the season. Hard work?
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    RSRS Posts: 8
    Oh and RS - I'm in MTB pornsville for you right now, at the MTB world cup race with the Athertons. Had a particularly average weekend which I'm sure you'll be aware of as you're clearly into your MTB.

    We've now got two days and two nights to stew on what might have been before coming home.....
    Bromont will be full of DH bike porn this weekend
    Yeah, Gee again was close but not quite. And a three way pile-up in the first corner of the 4x final that included Dan according to Dirt mag's report.
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    RSRS Posts: 8

    Like your progress RS! That's some improvement during the season. Hard work?
    Hi Jack,

    Thanks, being a mountain biker the cycling has been relatively easy and I seem to run okay (reckon that's from 5 years of pushing a 40lbs DH mountain bike up Welsh mountains most weekends!). The swiming though has required lots of pool time and it is still my weakest discipline by a long way.

    BTW I missed off the 10 mile TT I did so I've updated my signature.
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    nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    I carry a Microflate Nano from Genuine Innovations http://www.genuineinnovations.com/custom-valve-technology/valve-technologies/microflate-nano-1.html

    It takes threaded cartridges, I got ten 16g cartridges off Ebay.

    Nice and light, small, no moving parts to break!
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