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London Triathlon Experience

Hi guys ..... just recovering from a Sprint at London Tri. Thought I'd share my thoughts and also like to hear those of others. Was great to be part of such a big event but felt that the size of the event did have its negatives. The swim was more like a battle, I expect to get a few knocks at the beginning but not literally over the whole course. Not a fan of the slippery run up wet stairs to enter transition. Then a pretty dull cycle with no supporters because its over the other side to the swim and run. On a positive a really nice run and finish (apart from the bridge which puts pay to any sprint finish), the expo looked fantastic and of course excellent facilities within the excel. One way in and out by car meant 40mins of queuing in traffic .... would it not hurt for the DLR to accept bikes for just one day to help out with this event?

Anyway, a good day and a new PB ...... not sure I'd rush back to London though, Blenheim and Windsor seem so much more civilised!


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Ooh. Don't be coy. Times and splits my good man.

    Well done for a PB though, that must give you a bit of a warm fuzzy glow about the event.
  • i160978i160978 Posts: 13
    Are they on website yet?? Are cant download excel at home as only have Works on laptop? Think was bang on 1hr23? no idea on splits ..... next target sub 1hr 20 or do I move onto OD now? Looking at Barcelona .... October is nice time to have a break and then get back onto training schedule.
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    i completed my SD in london yesterday too, it was my first ever tri so i have nothing to compare it by really...
    what i did find fascinating (not sure if in a good or bad way) was that at all times there were spectators, competitors, marshalls, tri volunteer crew and god knows who else everywhere! coming, going, packing, passing by, strolling, in transition, it was all just happening all over!
    the slippery parts were not fun i agree, and i think there were more of those when i was racing because i was in the lucky wave at 5 oclock when it was raining carts and dogs!
    i found the downhill concrete exit bit for the bike leg scarry
    spectator wise yes, there were many lonely lenghts especially at my time due to the rain and the fact that it was the last wave - i did appreciate the support of the lovely people that cheered though and stayed in the rain to do so!
    well done with your PB!
    well done to all who took part!
  • I loved it, I didn't go with any time expectations. I thought that numbers and such a huge transition would make it unrealistic, I obviously wanted to do as well as I could but it wasn't going to determine my day.
    I got there in plenty of time, watched a few earlier waves go off and had a look around the expo. The atmosphere was great and I met a load of really nice people.

    I started to get a bit nervous abouth the swim as my time approached, which I wasn't expecting, but once in the water all was well, the water was quite salty but warm, nice. The swim itself was mayhem, it was a constant fight, no clear water for the whole thing, that said I enjoyed it .

    T1 lost my bike despite writing the row nr on my hand, I didn't lose much time but proffered some rather colourful language whilst trying to find it. Tricky exit and saw 2 casualities of the cleat / floor situation.

    I didn't enjoy the bike much, usually my strongest leg. Quite technical and I never really got going, it felt quite windy and it was a real struggle. I saw a couple of really nasty crashes one involving an ambulance, hope he was alright.

    T2 was better and I was actually looking forward to the run, usually my least favourite leg, a bit of blingage may have helped, new brookes t5 flats felt like slippers. I was a good run route I didn't like the outdoor bridge much, the down hill bit was treacherous. I liked the showers en route and the support was great. One more crash to report, a guy run into the crash barriers going around a bend

    I didn't have any traffic issues, but I'm mighty glad I didn't race in the heavy rain that I drove through on the way home.

    Maybe not an event for the pureist but I loved it.

    Edit, results now up.

    Swim00:16:34 TI 00:04:24 Bike 00:19:28 00:19:31 00:38:59 T2 00:03:33 Run 00:13:24 00:13:24 00:26:47 Total 01:30:16

    Overall quite pleased.
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    really good times spartacus!

    i was out on the bike during that heavy rain and for somebody that could just about balance on one back in april, i was so glad to get to T2 in one piece
    rain during my bike leg was my biggest concern due to my inexperience and i am so proud and relieved i did under the circumstances! it took me 53:52 but i enjoyed every bit of it
  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    Just wanted to add to the comments re the marshalls and general support which was great, especially on the run when it was hammering down with rain - definitely helped me keep going through the pain!
  • Hi all,

    I did the London Tri sprint distance on Saturday and just wanted to say that it was an absolute blast (although the swim is one of those memories I will work hard to delete). It was my first triathlon since 1996, when I used to be young, fit, childless, single, living in Australia and in possession of a full head of hair. I managed to complete the race in 1.36.51 which beat my goal finishing time of 1.40 so I am well pleased. The organisation on the race day was fantastic and I would like to add my voice to the many who have complimented the volunteers and staff who were so responsive and supportive on the day. Congratulations also to all of the other competitors who took part!

    My goal now is to find a place where I can do some regular swimming training - this is not so easy when you live in Norway as the swimming pools are generally small, too warm, too far apart and open at very inconvenient times...
  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I did the Sprint too, and it was the event that got me into Tri t the start of the year. however, as I've done better than expected I've started looking at longer distances later in the year.

    However, as an event it's highly recommended. The organisation, the general buzz, the spectating are the best Ive come across.

    The swimm was bloody awful, just a battle from start to finish. Never seemed to find clear water, and because the water wasn't clear, couldn't follow anyone in front, and couldn't see any feet that were about to hit you. So slowed my stroke right down to ensure that I always had an arm fuly extended, and that gave me the protection I needed.

    Transition was like a memory test, but no mishaps there. Only real complain was the distances in transition, and the ice like floor.

    However, I completed the whole race in 1:26:10, which is better than I expected. Absolutely loeved the bike leg, first time on closed roads and just had a blast, making up loads of places, and only getting passed by a few. Posted a PB for the 5km run, which is now even better than I though as the distance has been confirmed as 5.2km.

    Would I recommend it, yes. Would I do it again, unlikely, logistics of getting there made is a pain, and getting out even worse.
  • I did the Sprint distance too. Had a good race and finished in 28th but have no idea where I was with regards to my age group. Most other races I do have the age group in them and being late forty something I don't really regard myself as competitive with the young uns. It would be good to see IMG post the times with age ranges on them but going on previous year's results for the Sprint this seems unlikely (despite an email saying they intend to do this).

    Any one else a bit fed up with not having this breakdown?
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