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First Triathlon advice

I'm due to take part in my first triathlon in August - the Jordans Classic in Bedford - and am looking to buy a wetsuit.

I've got my eye on the Foor Quantum which looks like a good option for the beginner but would like to try it on rather than just buy it over the web.

Does anyone know of somewhere in the Beds/Bucks/Cambridge region where I can try and buy a Tri wetsuit and any advice on a better model would be much appreciated.


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    stevedavis82stevedavis82 Posts: 110
    Hello mate, i have recently competed in my firt tri and loved it. Just go out and enjoy it is all i can say. Train hard and you'll do well. The buzz at the start of the race is awesome and spend some time trying to talk to some seasoned pros that know what they are doing.
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    SamutriSamutri Posts: 143
    Hi bennyb, welcome to the family!

    I have a Foor Quantum - its magic!

    Not sure of the geography (cos im in Scotland!) but TriUK in Yeovil is the best Tri shop on the planet - if its too far from you, call them and give them your measurements and I'm sure they will help you out. If you can get there, they have an 'infinity pool' in the store so you can take it for a swim. They do a hire service as well if you fancy trying one out for a season.

    No, I don't work for them!

    Enjoy the sport, have fun and eat porridge!
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    Hi Bennyb,

    Good Triathlon to do that. Some cracking hills, but it is without doubt one of the best Tris to start in. The organisation is great, and the run is flatter than a flat thing. So good luck. I love the Jordan one, and may add that as well.

    For a wetsuit, I dont think there are many around here to be honest. As Samutri said TriUK are very good, but that is web based.

    If you are thinking of buying from EBay make sure you get it really early, or else if there is something wrong with the wetsuit it could be a pain in the ass.

    I have got an Orca S2, not top of the range but it is perfect for my level.

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    djtvdjtv Posts: 28

    I bought a Foor Quantum from TriUK last year and it fits fine.

    I suggest you call them, they are quite helpful and can ensure the sizing is right.

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