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Hebburn Tri Race Report

So this was my second tri - a pool based sprint (400 m 20 km 5 km). I didn't have the best build up - got a flu bug and couldn't do any training for ten days which left me just two days before starting to take it easy. Also no real run training because I put my back out in May so the plan was just to do the swim and bike and treat it like a training brick....... Well that was the the plan In addition there was a mess up with my tri suit order and it didn't make it on time

Got up at sparrow's fart this morning to take dog for a quick walk, as the hubby is away, and eat a huge breakfast. I knew it was early because the dog refused to get up until I pointed out there was a fat cat in the garden! The good news seemed to be that the stiff wind had dropped and all was still - hooray I thought, a nice flat bike course and no wind, even Harry the hybrid and I should be able to manage that.

Arrived at the venue and went to register, first thing I noticed was a stiff and gusty north westerly - darn. Good race pack - jaffa cakes!

************************ The door just went and it was my tri suit - which had obviously been dropped off next door yesterday - doh ***************************

Bike racked - only hybrid to be seen anywhere...... poor Harry
Swim went alright, aim was just to get through the first three hundred brisk but steady and then push out the last 100. Plan went fine - pulled self out of pool and landed flop at the feet of the marshal like a beached whale (might need to practise that one) "Oh well" she said "you did fine"...... Now I know I'm going to be last!

Pulled shorts/T-shirt on (damn next door) rammed helmet on head - took inhaler which I forgot before the swim, pulled on trainers ran out of transition. Spent most of the two circuits getting overtaken and just trying to keep the rider in front in a blue and white tri suit in view. Wind was pretty terrible with only one bit that really felt like a tail wind - wheeeeeee down the duel carriageway! However it was really well marshaled so thanks to all those people and they'd spray painted all the rough bits of road which was helpful.

Jogged into transition, racked bike, thought "what the hell" and set off on run - what can I say? I need to do some run training - ran most of it, walked some, got stitch, going to be soooo stiff tomorrow! Actually starting to stiffen up now.

Had a great time, didn't hang around for the renowned post-race buffet since I've got too much to do at home this afternoon. Not sure on times but I think around 1 hour 30 which I was hoping for so I'm pleased. Now thinking about doing Stockton Sprint at the end of the month (first OW).

Also might have shiny new road bike by then.......

Thanks for getting this far!


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Well done DV. Reading between the lines, I think you rather enjoyed yourself. Pity about the suit though. So pleased you survived the run - hope you've not done the back too much damage. If it survives, then I'm sure it will have done it some good.

    Loved the write up too. Made me smile!

    Onward and upwards - you cannot fail: go faster suit, go faster Son-Of-Harry and an extra fat cat!
  • Good report, sounds like it went well over all .. i really struggled with the pool swim .. in some ways i found it more intense than OW because it was always on my mind that someone was behind me waiting to pass, whereas OW at least there is space (supposedly) for people to find their own path round you.
    well done .. !
  • durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    Thanks guys,

    Yes I had fun!!

    This morning I realised that last week I ran 7.5km and my back feels fine!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe before it was just too much too soon. Plan is to increase amount very, very slowly and see how it goes.

    Just signed up for team tri by accident and have to do team pursuit - help! See other post!
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