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All finishers please list your times on here :-


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    iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    1h41m14s. First sprint distance triathlon and was hoping for closer to 1h30, but considering I had a bit of a ropey swim and a poor run with locked calves and lots of pain from stomach cramps, I'll take it and hopefully learn from my mistakes for my next sprint, in 7 days time!

    I did have a decent bike leg though, despite being on a mountain bike (road bike purchase planned for early next year) and stopping on the 2nd leg to check on someone who'd had a nasty wipeout on the down hill after the west side turnaround. I didn't get the guy's name or number but hope he was ok in the end - he told me and the other couple of people who'd stopped to carry on and we notified the nearest marshal (this would have been about 4.20ish - in case anyone knows of him and how he is?)

    Onwards and upwards - here's hoping for a better performance next week!
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    1hr 24min 53 secs! WOOHOO!

    Swim was awful though... 17:27. Was hoping for 15mins but there was just no way through! Got caught in the middle AAARGH!

    I had 4 mates racing as well, all first timers so I had them to beat... I was third out of the water (of our gang) and didn't see anyone on the bike so starting the run still thought I was third! Friends and family were cheering, but I was determined to catch someone and with 2km to go I caught and passed my mate AJ. Crossed the finishing line and waited... and waited... turns out I'd lapped him!

    Bike computer again played up so had no idea on speed. Pushed it hard though, sub 39mins which I am well happy with. But the run... I still can't believe it. 21mins 26secs!!! I've never run that fast, ever!!! A full two and half minutes off my best 5km time! Just goes to show what a little competition can do.

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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    ... or it was really only 4.7 Km dave... ;-)

    Seriously... great effort mate. well done. rather you than me at London though - kudos to you all for braving the crowded swim and bike!

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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    didds wrote:
    ... or it was really only 4.7 Km dave... ;-)
    Ha ha! You could very well be right didds!
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    iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    You're safe to feel pleased with yourself - the run was 5.2k! The bike was 21k as well, according to http://www.triathlonresults.co.uk/London/Sprint/ (you might need to refresh a few times, I keep getting "Service unavailable", but it does get there in the end)
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    I don't have the offical time yet.. I believe it was about 2hrs 48mins - about 10mins quicker than Windsor - just writing up my notes for the tradional Scott'story

    Back Later

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    joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    Well done everyone - fantastic weekend of racing and great to see Scotty, Johnnio and Flavadave!!! Just home after 3, 14 hour days, standing on feet, seeing through 12,000 or thereabouts competitors and making sure eveyone got their chips on time etc (even if there was a queue first thing this morning)!!...Will post a report from the volunteers perspective when my brain is back working, after all those numbers and giving out medals can't quite string a sentence together...but fabulous fun!!
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    i did the super sprint and did it in 49.16! (s9.08, c21.39,r12.10) well chuffed with that...wanted to get under 50...and 3 mins of my best run yet (worst leg for me)...it was the first time i swam a full 400 without kicking of the end of a pool (tho a couple of ladies probably weren't too happy me using them as the end of pool )....

    i already know where i can cut down my time....great experience...loved being cheered on and everyone was very friendly....next time it'll be the sprint or maybe even OD if i can put the time in....(got a year!)...
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    Well done all. Great effort and well done Dave.... good times indeed.

    Anyone know how Heather got on ? ?
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    spr1983spr1983 Posts: 34
    I clocked 47mins bang on in my first ever triathlon, obviously a super sprint. loved every minute of it and now have the bug, cant believe i finished 29th out 177! not bad for a newbie hey...
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Well done to you all! That inclides all you forumites who havent posted yet.

    Sundslike was a good one.

    Dave that run time is super sonic. Well done!
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    1hr 24.31 .
    4 mins for t1, spent 2mins queing at stair case, have to say glad i've done it, but don't think i'd bother again.
    found the atmosphere far better at smaller events, if this was your first tri don't take this as a typical race, this had far to much of a production line/cattle market about it.
    still have to say i enjoyed the racing as i always do, such a big event there will always be things to critcise but thats probably for another time,
    congrats to everyone who took part, well done
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    maltesermalteser Posts: 25
    1 hr 48mins 06 - disappointing ... was hoping for under 1:45 ... my bike leg is my weak spot so as expected that wasn't pleasant. got caught and squeezed against the rope on the return 'leg' of the swim so my swim was slower than expected ... but blooming heck that transition area was huge?!!!! i really wasn't expecting that ...

    well done flava ... fantastically impressive run time ... and well done all who participated ...

    the size and chaos of the event was a bit offputting but I think I'll go back just to nail it next time around ... whether an OD or a sprint, will be a decision to be taken later, but I reckon I will return
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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I did the OD yesterday and really enjoyed the event.

    Finished in 2hr 34min 25sec. Very pleased for my second ever tri!

    Splits were Swim 29.27, T1 4.31, Bike 1.13.05, T2 2.57, Run 44.26.

    All were PB's!

    More to come later, I'm knackered and have to go to work.
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    I did the OD too, and also loved it! Think you finished right ahead of me Scotty (granted you started an hour later!) if that was you I think I saw. Anyway, had a really horrific swim. Not even sure what happened or what went wrong but I was nearly last getting out of the water out of 500! Haha! Ok, so it actually reall annoying b/c I have been swimming really well in the pool but alas, it was completed all front crawl with what what must have been the slowest front crawl ever. I'm pretty sure I added about 500 metres to my swim leg as I was zigzagging everywhere. No problems in T1 though, easy to find your bike when it is about the last one left! Bike was fine, no incidents, some nice views finally down by the Belfast and London eye. T2, again, fine, one lady was packing up her things b/c she had already finished! Run was good, really enjoyed it with the crowds. Was wearing my Tommys bib so really got cheered on the 4 times I passed through the charity support section. Brought tears to my eyes and had a grin like a cheshire cat realising it didn't matter how slow I was going, it was about the finishing, and doing it to raise money for a cause that means to much to me. Despite my slow slow run I never walked once which was my goal. Finished finally around 10:25 so that took me nearly 4 hrs, not sure of time but at least it was under 4! Was hoping for around 3:30 but with my catastrophic swim there was no chance of that, bike and run at least went as expected. Was a really great day though and not as scary as I thought it was going to be. Thanks so much to all the marshalls, you guys were great. I'm feeling really proud today and going to wear my medal all week I think! Gotta collect my monies now, have raised over £1200 for Tommys which I'm super chuffed with. Still trying to process the whole thing though and what to do next. I only signed up for this 4 months ago, couldn't swim more than 2 lengths-and not properly! and couldn't run more than a few miles so, despite my slowness, have come a long way in a short time. Now I'm reasonably fit and enjoy the training I find myself wondering what's next....perhaps a year of good training so I am with the swim pack next time
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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    I clocked 2.35:14. After a poor swim I had a great bike and run. On the run I was only 10 seconds or so off my 10k pb so was pleasently surprise. Felt really good on it.

    Well done to one and all! And thanks to Joolz + all the marshalls.
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Good work everyone, and yes big thanks to the lovely Joolz and volunteers for a brilliantly organised event.
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    PatchPatch Posts: 11
    This was my first OD and having read some threads on this forum claiming the London Tri was this big marketing and impersonal beast I was a bit nervous.

    I shouldn't have been as the staff are friendly and helpful, it is superbly organised and it was an amazing feeling being involved in something so big.

    I was also well chuffed with my time of 2hrs 20mins!!!

    Any suggestions for the next one?
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    jasejase Posts: 47
    2 days later and I am still buzzing - when's the next one?????

    I have done the London Sprint for the last 4 years and this year was the best by MILES

    I knocked 15minutes of my London pb completing in 1hr35:16 and was only just outside my pb on the much flatter Lake Dorney course (my bike and run legs were faster at London just the Transition was so much bigger)

    Loved it loved it loved it

    Have already signed up to do the Olympic next year - Watch out Jenson

    Well done all
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    IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    I cant seem to get the results page of the web-site to load so cant post my time yet - but will post it as soon as i know

    I did time it myself and was pretty chuffed with the time - i just want to make sure its correct first!!!
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    froggerfrogger Posts: 24
    2.52 olympic - bad swim
    pb on the run and bike

    did anyone notice the bike route was shorter than stated !
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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    If you hit refresh a few times on the page it eventually works. I also got my time text to me at 9pm last night.
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Yeah,if you did the westminster route, it was 38km on the bike and the run was only 9.4 km. Surely they can find an extra 600m out there? I suppose we run more that in transition.
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    Astonishingly managed to take 8 mins off last years time on the London sprint distance bringing me in at 1.24.13 (33 lady) - following a hard winter of training from my coach, and my first ever 70.3 only 2 weeks ago - am delighted! Just Monaco 70.3 to go now.

    Well done to everyone, particularly all the ladies in my group who got absolutely p**ssed on in the heavy rain late Sat pm!
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    just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    This was also my first OD and my second triathlon so far. I finally stopped taking antibiotics on Thursday, but kept the painkillers going to get my infection under control. I was part of the last race on Sunday at 3.40pm while most competitors were already at home celebrating ....

    The race was as tough as I had expected, but I was still surprised that the kicking and punching during the swim was not only during the start but the whole swim leg. Maybe I have to get faster to lead the pack and avoid being beaten up in the middle ....?! Still PB during the swim 31:19.

    My transitions were a disaster, not that anything went wrong, but I was slow. Really dizzy after the swim and slow up the stairs, etc. T1 6:33.

    I loved the bike and my old commuter did well. While quite a few of the bling bikes passed me on the straights, I overtook a few on the 'hills', e.g. flyovers and tunnel exit. Second lap was even better than the first ... should I buy myself a new bike, it's my birthday today?! 1:10:59.

    Second transition really slow again, it seemed to take ages to get to my transition spot and the legs felt a little tired. Again nothing went wrong, just slow. T2 5:03.

    The run was ok, but I got a cramp at about k3 and it lasted until k6. The cheering of the (limited) crowd surely helped, as did the thought of an ice cold beer! Cruel to have to run past the finish line whit another lap to go .... 49:38.

    My goal when I started 5 months ago was to finish the race. Last month I changed that into a sub 3 hour goal - I am thrilled with my result of 2:43 and looking at my transition times, there is plenty of room for improvement.
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    some excellent results...well done to everyone that took part....and for the organisation as well....as i did the s/sprint, i didn't find it too much of a block getting from the dock to the transition up those stairs... was bl**dy long transition tho...

    but very excited to say that i came 11th out of 191 females so VERY chuffed with that...
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    IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    Finally got the results page to work - I did the Olympic in 2h 19min 37sec - The shine has been taken off slightly finding out the bike wasn't exactly 40k and the run was just short of 10k, but i'll take it - Especially as it was only 12mins slower than Jenson Button!!!

    Thoughts on the event - The swim was chaos, i was in the Sunday morning 8.30 wave (the biggest ever we were told beforehand) with 530 people and you could tell, i reckon i could've got my swim time down by 5mins as i spent most of the swim with someone on top of (or grabbing at) my legs or getting kicked and elbowed. Personnally i think that was far too many people for one wave.

    On the bike my lid on my aero bottle came loose on the "rumble strip" ramp out of the excel center and finally came flying off alltogether when i hit a pot hole on the way to Westminster covering me in bright red Fruit Punch Accelearde...nice but very sticky!!

    The run felt great (once a few cups of water had been thrown over myself and a run through the shower to wash off the Accelerade) took onboard a couple of gels and i couldnt stop smiling at the finish.

    It was a great event really well organised and marshalled, nothing like the corporate advertising horror show some where predicting beforehand - i'll be signing up again for next year
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    moonshinemoonshine Posts: 335
    did sprint on Saturday and aims were 1 finish 2 do all of swim crawl 3 be under 2 hours

    1 - finished
    2 - yep ALL of it crawl and I even passed some swimmers:)
    3 - time 1:50:18 slower than Dorney but all down to the transition being emormous - not sure I ever want to go up those steps again On the up side a PB in the swim and the run - was a bit of a wimp on bike as roads so slippy in the tropical down pour we had and saw one ride come a real cropper infront of me - though did mange a negative split
    swim - 21:58 (3 mins 18 off my previous attempts at OW)
    T1 4:45 so much for a dragon towel acting as a signpost
    bike 50:49 (25:59, 24:50)
    T2 4:24 legs did not want to run into transition
    run - 29:18 (5 mins 7 off my previous attempts including a standalone 5k split 14:37, 14:41)

    Not bad I feel for someone who could not swim properely, ride a road bike or run all of 5 months ago

    would go back the atmosphere was amazing and really nice to have complete strangers cheer you on
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Did anyone else have the misery of the 1.5 hrs sitting in the car trying to escape the carpark yesterday? As we were leaving a couple of shiny new rolls royce silver phantoms entered the carpark with wealthy-looking sheiks inside. New sponsors for next year perhaps?
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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Everyone good efforts and seriously well done.

    I noticed Jenson Button in The Sun today with a time 2hrs 7m. Not only a petrol head but a tri head.

    Back to the real world. There are some good times posted here and I'm jealous of those who took part. So again well done and a big pat on the back.
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