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BTF discount code

when signing up for BTF membership there's a discount of 10% if you have a discount code from when you last raced as a non-BTF member ... I've never kept this dicount code for the tris aI've done, and TBH can;t even recall seing one! Seeing as my last race was just a week ago now, I didn;t have anything inmy race pack for example.

does anyone know if such dscount codes are standard issue and I would have had one, and if I've lost it is there anyway to regenerate it... or does anyone have one going "spare" ? (if the codes are transferable etc etc)




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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Didds, did you ever get a little BTF day pass A5 piece of paper when you were about to register? They normally give you one when you pay the £5 as a non BTF member. Then when you pick up your cap, number etc, they cross it out as used. I think the code is on that slip, so assuming you still have one lying around, you should have it, or maybe someone else will let you use their code before they throw the paper out.
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    diddsdidds Posts: 655
    cheers - but no I don;t recall anything like that. In fact when I went to regsiter at Blithfield last week al they did was cross y name off a list they had... i didn;t even have to prove who I was.

    Salisbury was back in May and I won't have anything left from then...

    So I guess does anyone have a spare number?

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    JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    There's a bigger discount if you're a member of a tri club. Another good reason to join BCTTT
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    Didds, I have a discount code you can use.

    Joined the BTF and forgot I had a 10% off voucher from a tri I did last year - doh! Can't see any expiration date on it so it should still be valid. PM me and I'll give you the details.
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