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Bikes & baggage handlers!

Hurrah! I've made it off the waiting list and I'm off to training camp in sunny Spain [:D]

Do I want to hire a bike when I get there?... Done my research... answer... 'NO'

Shall I take my beautiful, full carbon, Dura Ace?....'Yes'

Shall I buy a padded bike bag... Done my research... answer...'NO'

Shall I buy an bike box... done my research... answer... 'Can't afford it'!

So, although I have done my research on hiring a roughty, toughty bike box I can't find anyone who's hiring. LBS said I could hire it at £75.00 + VAT per week...and no, if you're going for 10 days you have to pay for 14.... how kind!

Surely, someone out there must know someone who will hire a good quality bike box at a reasonable rate.... anybody?


  • Sure you've come across this already but that old chestnut wiggle does a dhb bike box for £144. Cheaper than the LBS hire for two weeks, plus you get to keep it. It's got good reviews too, might be worth it.

  • j27rtj27rt Posts: 102
    When are you off to Spain? You are welcome to use my bike box if I won't be using it whilst you are gone. The box is currently located (parent's garage) in Kent and I live in Woolwich if you can collect. I have put a link to the type of box below if you are interested

  • BARNYBARNY Posts: 157

    You can buy a soft semi padded bag for £50 - I recomned this one from JE James (I have this).


    "Polaris bike bag" in google.

    Now go to your local bike shop and get a cardboard bike box which will fit inside. Buda bing, a very sturdy box bag - much less brittle than cheap plastic ones i.e. any bike box under £200.

    You get a nice amount of room for all your kit etc. fill the rest of the sapce with big bubble wrap. cushioning of some sort.

    I have taken a mountain bike to Thailand / vietnam. My racing bike to Zurich for ironman, and a freind took a racing bike to the USA using this technique. ALl with no issue.

    Just use your brain and protect the delciate bits (which are not as many as we think when we delicately handle our bikes! :~) ! while you pack it.

    My advice is dont look atthe attendnat as he take it away... aftr you have been delicatly moving it aroudn like its a pricles vase... gently wheeled it up to the counter.... then they touch it.... oooo.. bye!... a bit like saying goodbye to your chile on the first day of school (i would imagine).

  • Probably heard it before, but just a word of warning. My mate works at Heathrow as a baggage handler. He says imagine how bad they can treat your luggage and then multiply by ten. Get as much protection for your bike as you can.
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