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Time in between Triathlons

Entered a sprint on the 6th sept, but also want to do one on the 26th august.
Is this too short a time off inbetween tris?
How long do most of you leave it?


  • [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I did my first two tri's within 2 weeks of each other, both were olympic distance. Bath 2 weeks ago and London yesterday. Feeling fine today, just do it!
  • I did 3 sprints in sucessive weeks in June and got faster in each one and felt fine. Probably not ideal but didn't seem to cause me any probs.
  • spr1983spr1983 Posts: 34
    ok peer presure has just made me enter both!
  • You know it makes sense.
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Depends on your recovery time, how hard you race, and what you want to get out of them. But a sprint is basically an hour/hour and half of quality training. If you are a young'un, you could do one on a Wednesday, and one on the Sunday, and Sundays will be the best performance. For me, I would have to have three days off afterwards, and two days rest before. So all I would do between is recovery runs/bikes/swims.

    But you should be fine with that gap between two sprints. Count the events as your quality sessions, and adjust your training schedule accordingly.
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