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newbie needs help

ive been toying with the idea of training for a triathlon for a while now but things keep getting put off but now i have moved to spain i have loads of time on my hands so i thought this is the perfect time to start only one problem im stuck as to where to start or how to get in to the sport just wanted some hgel with kit and training really i have a pool about 50 yds from my house the beach is 5 mins away and a shed load of hill to run up so any help would be welcomed
cheers again


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Hi and welcome to the world of tri:)

    first of all kit....

    Basic kit needed:
    Swim - Goggles, trunks/Trisuit, for open water swims a wetsuit is needed if water temp is low.

    Bike -
    Essentially any bike will do, however a road bike or Tri bike would be best. Make sure you get a bike fit session done prior to buying.
    Bike shoes and cleats - if you wish to be connected to the pedals, this is the best option, otherwise just use your run trainers and get some toe clips to start with.
    Helmet - get what you pay for, more vents = more ventilation = Nice cool head in the spanish sun:)
    Cycling shorts - Good padding essential if you want have kids
    Cycling top - allows good wicking of sweat, has pockets for spare tubes/food etc
    Glasses - very good at stopping dust/crap getting in your eyes

    Run - Run trainers - make sure they fit and correct type for your feet, worked out by the shop doing a gait analysis.
    Hat - great for keeping the sun off your face and reducing the effects of the sun.
    Shorts - good ventilation of 'bits'

    Thats about it really I think.... if I have missed anything I am sure people will add things.
    Obviously there is other kit you could consider but they will be things to add at a later stage as you go.

    Training is whole world of pain...... ill leave that for when I have a little more time! off to work in 5 mins!

    Hope this is a good start for you
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
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  • cheers guys i have also enlisted the help of one of my relatives which could prove really helpful but no doubt ill be on here looking for more advice in the future
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