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London Tri transition

I've noticed something about the transition times for the London standard distance race on Sunday. Competitors completing the Westminster route were considerably faster through T1 and T2 than those completing the Tower Bridge route - equating to an approximate average reduction in time of at least 2 minutes overall. This was no doubt due to the changes made to the transition area between the morning waves and the afternoon waves. To compound this inequity Tower Bridge competitors cycled 700 meters further. I'm attempting to discover how the organisers justify treating the two routes as being part of the same race!

I completed the Tower Bridge route and came 3rd overall behind two guys who done the Westminster route. I certainly would have come second had there been a level playing, maybe even first who knows.

I have put in many hours training for this event and I think the situation is unacceptable! If the organisers are unable to make it a fare contest then there is little point in staging the event. This event has lost any credibility it had and I certainly wont be competing again.


  • hathat Posts: 10
    Spot on. I came 15th in my age group (35-40) out of 481: which I was happy with. I then looked at the results a bit closer and realised that 10 of those who finished ahead of me had completed 1/2 a mile less on the bike and didn't have to run that huge and congested pre and post bike transition area.

    I would be very annoyed if this had actually prevented me winning anything.

    Have you thought about writing a letter to this magazine or to the organisers?

    There appears to be no logic as to who goes in to which age group heat. I was also delayed on my swim leg by catching up with people from not one but two waves in front, it was very messy and a bit dangerous for them. They were clearly pretty poor swimmers and I'm afraid a fair number of my group had no option but to swim over the top of them, I even got stuck and had to do breststroke at one point in order to sight a way past them.
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