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amazing time in london

Hi everybody

Just been looking through the results and speaking to a few friends this years course seem to have some amazing time everybody doing a PB and fast bike and runs .

If anybody did this was there any reason for this


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Rumour has it that the course may have been slightly shorter,would be interesting to hear from any Garmin/gps users,as to the distance their equipment shows.
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    The westminster bike route was 38 km and the run 9.4km so its gonna be quick. Other than that, its a fast course anyway, especially through the limehouse link tunnel (had a Tron moment going through there on my own) and the run is flat with tons of support to make you speed up even more.
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    My GPS came up well short.. due to the fact I couldn't lock onto the sats inside so had to wait until outside on the route.. then the tunnels... the run was also partly inside so I keep losing the signal..

    Need to rely less on Technologies me thnks!!
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    pacman2102pacman2102 Posts: 247
    Yes it's a fast course , but I think the guys who have said the course was a little short were right as one of our club members ran a 41 minute 10 k when he is normally around 50

    Think it's pretty poor for such a big event not to get their distances right , will give people the wrong idea on their pb's and also guide for future races

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    I don't think the swim was any shorter ... didn't feel like it anyway - 35:20 for the 1500.

    Could anyone else taste diesel and boat fumes in the water.. bleugh .. rekon a swallowed about 3-4 mouthfuls. Not sure of the nutritional values ..

    To those who advised to wear the swim hat over the goggles .. i raise my powershake to you, definitely would have lost the goggles if I hadn't as i took a few hits and kicks.
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