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seriously could i do it??

Inspired by the weekends events (bolton IM) and jasons fatman to ironman post i thought i'd look for inspiration from fellow triathletes...some of you might know me, i'm a member of the bcttt

i'm 39 years old and just under 13 st (i'm a short arse so its over weight) i had to give up playing football about 5 years ago and got into the sport in an effort to get fit again and hold onto my youth......anyway at the weekend i was watching IMUK (i only live 2 miles from transition) in bolton and found myself really wishing i was capable of taking part....i've so far only done a supersprint race and in 6 weeks will do tatton park sprint....then the season will pretty much end.

so the advice i'm looking for....should i go for it??? i was originally aiming to do OD at liverpool next year exactly one year after my first ever tri....but should i go one step further....and aim to do od...they a HIM before then end of next year, with a view to doing IM (which i think will still be bolton) in 2011? my big fear is not the swim or bike (although the distances on those DO scare me) but i've never felt capably of running any great distance (prob 5 or 6 miles is my limit) ...plus...i like a beer or 17
so can a 39 year old unfit short guy with back problems really get to a standard to finish.

How old are you guys that have done it?? tell me briefly about your journeys, especially if you're in a similar possition to me.

Should i??? the WAT office will never believe me if i tell her i'm gonna do it.


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    shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...........

    don't look back. sign up and train. Gain more confidence and prove everyone wrong that you can do it.

    It will be the best thing you've ever done.
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    matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    This time 2 ½ years ago (I’m 36 now) I was in a similar position to you, I was a smoker, a heavy drinker and even the thought of doing exercise made me feel ill!!! Then I did the London triathlon for a bet and got hooked…This weekend I completed the Iron Man in Bolton 2 ½ stone lighter than I was back then & a lot happier and in much better heath and I could not out in to words the feeling of euphoria crossing the line so go for it!!!!
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    You need to decide what you want to do - e.g. complete vs. a performance (at least the course has been used now, so you can get a feel for the range of times).

    Then work out how much time you need to train to do it.

    If you can afford the time, without ending in divorce etc. then you can do it.

    And a year is plenty of time.

    A good question to ask would be how many hours a week have people done for the IM training - and what did they get with that - in terms of finish time etc.
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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    a good point jack

    how many hours a week have people done for the IM training - and what did they get with that - in terms of finish time etc.

    and to answer your question, i work at home and can easily put training in at lunch time and evenings.....and to answer your other question...i'm 39...Phil graves need not worry, i just want to get round.
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    matt333matt333 Posts: 32
    I cycle to work 7 miles each way every day, did a five or six K run at lunch, swam 2000m every other morning for 3 months and tried to do a longish cycle or run every weekend, Though the most I ever ran was about 18 miles and the longest cycle was about 90..I got round in fourteen hours going at a comfortable pace which was not a brilliant time but was still very happy to finish.
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    John DJohn D Posts: 11
    Of course you can!!

    I'm 47 got round bolton in 11 hr 37. This was my 4 th go at the long distance having previously competed in th Longest day 3 times (the last time was in 2000).

    also you will be surprised on how many hours training you need to get round. My first time I averaged 8 hours/week and managed to get round in 11 hrs 10 min. The key in consistency - no point in doing 20 hours one week and 6 the next. Also concentrated on 3 key workouts which will be the long run/ride. the 3rd will be the swim.

    i f you are really worried about the run my advice would be to train to runa marathon early in the season (March/April). some coaches will say there's no need to and there is the issue of over training. But you will greatly benefit from the psycological benefit of having run a marathon.

    Go for it and good luck
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Andy, I'm probably not far off where you're coming from. start of the year I was 41 and 14 stone, and been a regular exerciser, but with no real focus. So January decided to have a go at this Tri thing. Started exercising a little hearder than usual, but with a focus this time. Biggest change was running, as previously I'd never actually left the house to go for a run.

    Initial target for the year was to complete the Sprint at London, but had a feeling that I didn't London to be my first Tri, so entered a few low key / smaller events to learn the ropes. I had a busy spring, doing three Sperints over consecutve weekends in April / May, and caught the bug. My times and splits were quicker each race, and my training became a bit more focused.

    Another Sprint on a sunday June folllowed by an Open Water Aqauthlon on the Thursday, my first OW event, and loved it. So I thought WTF i'll go for it, and entered an OD race on the Saturday, and finished it, what a thrill.

    So going from entering the London Sprint, I was now 5 months into my Tri career, 4 sprints, 1 OD and 1 aquathlon completed. What next, HIM, as I needed to know whether I'm built for speed (don't ask my wife) or endurance. So I checked Tri247 for events, and I've now got my first HIM distance race on the August Bank Holiday weekend.

    I completed London on the weekend, and a time of 1:26:10, which I'm more than pleased with, and ontp of the HIM, I've also got three more Sprints booked in and a half marathon.

    If you asked me at the start of the year of this is where I'de be abd what I'd be doing now, I think I'd have laughed at you. But for the HIM, I'm only looking to finish it and treat it as a huge lesson on LD racing prior to a hopeful IMUK entry next year. Sometimes the procrastination is worse than the event itself, if you;ve got the slightest feeling that you think you can complete the distance, then the only way to find ut is to step up and have a go. I've got my HIM in 3 1/2 weeks, and haven't yet cycled the 96km or run the 21.1km, but I'm sure that providing there are no injuries or mechanical failures, I'll get there in the end, might not be pretty to look at, but I'll give it the best shot I can.

    I'm now 42, under 12 stone, and probaby fitter than I;ve ever been, and feel even better, and train about 8-10 hours a week. Forum buddies can give you advice or inspiration, but ultimaely the decision is yours.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Great thread guys! Very useful. Making me question my goals a bit. I've been focussed on OD as the target - thinking that going long would require committing more time than I've got. Although I think now injury is my greatest fear. Whenever I try to step up the volume/intensity a bit, I break. Last year it was calves. This year it was knee. Oh, and not being able to swim doesn't help much.

    Goal #1 Avoid injury!!!!
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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    cheers triumphant....thats pretty much exactly the sort of answer i was looking for.....good luck in the 70.3 mate. let me know how you get on.
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    andyb99andyb99 Posts: 229
    yeah jack i hear ya...OD was exactly what i was thinking of getting to...but when i saw the guys on sunday at the IM i sooo wanted to be doing it....i wasn't looking at anything past next year...but now i think i need to.....and injury is what worries me the most as i've had a bad back for a long time...although i KNOW getting fitter would help that...vicious circle eh
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    Do it.
    Yes it's a huge undertaking, but where's the fun in easy. The world is full of "wish I'd"
    I just did UK IM and I'm so chuffed I can't sit still.
    Do it
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