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New to Tri - any advice re training?

Hi there

I am hoping to register for my first Tri, I am a runner and a very good swimmer and have competed at both before, but now I want to try TRI.

So i wouldnt class myself as a complete beginner as I know some people would enter tri having not ran or swam before but I have.. however I am aware I now need to put all 3 disciplines together.. so.. any advice anyone?

I have 10 weeks til the tri I want to train for..

1. is that too soon or dya think I could manage it [X(]

2. I will be using a mountain bike, with slick tyres- am sure this is ok- yeah?

3. any tips for my training? eg: train more on bike to start with as is my least done activity?

anything else? I am hoping someone can help me, I really want to do this, a personal goal, just dont want to fall flat on my face or bite off more than I can chew..

if you want to know more about me/fitness etc please ask, I really dont know what to put on here for now




  • Go for it! Sounds like you got a great base so 10 weeks is plenty, unless you're doing an ironman... you're not doing an ironman are you?

    Training advice? I'm not the person to ask, as I'm generally one of the askers, but there's been hundreds of great contributions from the experts who frequent this site. The search area is really useful, if you type 'training plan' in there or any combination of tri-related words chances are you'll find a decent answer.

    You'll also find lots of references to red, carbon, porridge and soreen.
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  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    Not my thread but there were some really good tips in there thanks- the whole transition bit is the most nervewracking bit I reckon so little things like the talc etc are really helpful. Thanks!
  • deeessdeeess Posts: 150
    gomiboy - great post - thanks
  • @ gomiboy

    That's great advice gomiboy, and exactly the reason i think this forum is excellent for us beginners. We all learn from experience, but if we can learn a little from each others then we can all do better!

    Just a quicky, can i use petroleum jelly with my trisuit? I plan to do the whole event in the suit so hope to save time.
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    [quote]ORIGINAL: gomiboy

    Letting us know the distance would be good - I assume since it's your first and early season it's a sprint tri? 10 weeks is WAAAY too short to train for an ironman unless you're already a professional athlete of some description and I'd say not even then...

    Hey, thanks so much for your replies, I feel a little more at ease now!

    Ok, its a sprint tri I am going for, I am not daft to go for an ironman for my first! lol


    400m indoor swim (I can easily do a mile so I fear no issues with that, other than race environment)

    15.5m cycle - this will be a bit new to me right after a swim

    4.4m run - so not too bad, I currently run about 20 miles a week anyway with the running club

    I am doing other races over the next 2-3 months anyway ( just runs) which I am using for training /race atmos rather than pb's

    So I am hoping these will help too

    I currently am a member of runners world, I get 220 mag and theirs too so I can check out the articles you mentioned.

    Thanks alot guys, I feel a bit better now, and think 10 weeks is gonna be fine.

    I like the tips re "trying transitions out in the lounge or garden". Very good idea! [;)]

    Re the wetsuit part, I have done open water before so I know how to care for my gear and not to use petroleum based anti chafers, thanks tho- a good reminder for others perhaps. And this tri swim is indoors so I am thinking my T1 will be easier as I wont have a wetsuit on and wont have to do that funny peeling off and kicking thing to get the b*gger off me!

    That should save me a bit of time!

    Just one more thing.. with it being my first, am I best to just aim to get around the course without stopping or should I aim to go flat out and get a good time!?

    I think with it being my first I should just aim to finish huh!?

    yeah!? [8|]

    thanks guys, mucho appreciated


  • Gary - Petroleum-based anti-chafing creams will rot neoprene or any type of rubber; it's just the nature of the beast. If your tri suit has neoprene in it (some do, some don't), then petro-based lube is bad. Also, petroleum-based lubricants can stain. Personally, I would use a non-Petroleum based lubricant all the time - less likely to stain or cause any problems. There are tons out there - just shop around at your friendly local bike or tri shop.

    I wish I could find mine (just moved house) so I could recommend it, but I can't remember the brand name. I think I bought it at SigmaSport in Kingston, SW London, although I may be mistaken and I might have bought it at the Tri Expo at the London Tri last year... any good tri shop will have a couple of brands to choose from however.

  • how do meakie,

    welcome to the forum, youve got a good start IMO to tri. 10 weeks is plenty of time, try to cycle 3 times a week if you can as you'll be spending most of the time in a sprint-tri on it, maybee cycle to work as part of training?

    have a go at brick training, (bike,run,bike,run ect...) to feel JELLY legs for the first time so you know what to expect when you get off the bike,

    other than that just enjoy it [:)]

    good luck
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    Hi terry

    thanks for your reply [:D]

    Re the cycling 3 times a week I did wonder how often i should be cycling as its my weakest at the mo. I will be using my mountain bike with road tyres as I simply cannot afford a road bike and for my first Tri i think its wise to use what I have rather than splash out on a new bike! So.. my next q.. how far should I be going?

    And erm I wish i could cycle to work but I work about 70 miles from home! lol ( bit far I think!)

    Can u explain brick training a bit more? is that to be done all in the same nite?

    bike, then run then bike again? why is it called brick?

    for a standard week then, what days should I train what? just as a rough Idea?


    Sorry for stooopid questions. [8|]


  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124

    the anti chafing cream I use when using my tri wetsuit is called bodyglide and you can get it from most websites, wiggle is a good un for it :-)

  • garyrobertsgaryroberts Posts: 869
    Thanks dude :o)
  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Meakie, brick training is combining two of the disciplnes into a training session, it can be a specific brick session, i.e in the gym do 30mins hard on a bike straight onto a runner for 10-15mins then repeat four times, or it can be just doing a 5k run after a cycle. I would also suggest to do some bricks after swimming, i.e. run 5k after a swim session or cycle to the pool then cycle home, this helps fight the weak feeling i know i get after a swim session.

    For a sprint id suggest cycling 15 - 20 miles at a time, i prefer to overtrain with the swimming and cycling ( i cant for running as im a crap runner!)

    And i did my first one on a mountain bike, you wont be the only one doing that so dont worry... Be prepared to get serious bike envy though, your missus will look at you in a different light when your caught drooling over bike!!!!
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    ahem.. I quote " your missus will look at you in a different light??"...

    Erm.. you mean my fella!? I am female! ( although having read my posts back, there was no clear indication if I was male or female but you seemed to assume I was a bloke) but hell yeah I am a woman!

    lol [:D]

    now then.. does this make things any different for any of the responses I have had or would you say the same to a "bird" or a "fella"? ...

    I was soon going to get onto the "wot do I wear for "support" up top" after swim and before run, question - maybe that would have given you some idea of my gender! lol [:)]

    hey thanks for the info re brick sesh's. I am going to do spin classes at the gym as by the time I get home after work its dark so I cant train at night really- not ideal, single girl out alone n all that. SO I thought spin classes twice a week and then a long cycle on a weekend. hows that sound?

    Along with the 2-3 runs i do currently weekly anyway and swimming twice a week.. would that work?

    Shell :-)

    ( p,s I did reply to some of my posts above with Shell, are there any blokes out there called Shell!?) .. answers on a postcard

  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Meakie i do apologise, you may well guess she is now the ex misses clarkey!!!!! Years of dressing room banter = presumption of male...

    Spin classes are great for brick sessions, i do them during the winter months, do a spin class followed by a run on the treadmill then as you get fitter if your gym does double classes do a run in between the two.

    And no difference with regards to the posts, i cant help too much with the upstairs support although after a winter sat on my fat butt i too need some advice in this area! I could be a typical bloke and give an opinion but i think ive upset you enough hahahaha....

    With what you said about combining the three, id definately do some swim to cycle stuff and cycle to run sessions!

    Apologies if i caused offence, and no i dont know any male called shell!
  • meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    hey u didnt offend! I just thought I should put the record straight. Lol [:)]

    cheers for advice still

    Hey, what kind of diet do you eat when training? I want to lose weight- is this wise whilst training? or will I lose weight simply from training ( if I cut cr*p out of my diet..) I cant seem to find a good diet online to follow, or even tips on what i should and shouldnt be eating

    I really dont want to gain any weight..

  • clarkey30clarkey30 Posts: 270
    Im not the person to comment as i work shifts and have an absolutely disgraceful diet, (go shopping once a month so the first week its brilliant then goes downhill).... Although this year im trying to base what i eat on the G.I. index, trying to eat slow releasing stuff then topping it all up with veg and fruit in between. I find eating carrots exhausting so it fills me up.... If that makes sense.

    I think with the increased exercise just cutting out some the crap in general and the booze which i cant do! will make a huge difference
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