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South Coast Tri - Seaford

Has anyone done this course before? Doing the standard dist next Saturday morning.

Im looking at 12 laps on the bike! How short must this loop be??!!

Any sea swimming tips would be greatly received!



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    I did a sprint there about 5 years ago ..
    I recall the swim being affected slightly by a current running form right to left if looking out to sea, I was rubbish-er at swimming back then and still made it round 750m ok so it can't have been anything too bad, it does assist in the swim back from the buoy though and so time should approx be made up again.

    the bike and run are on the sea front so a little exposed to winds .. but great crowds and a nice backdrop to gaze out on whilst ignoring the pain of the run.

    Just hoping for a nice day.
    I'm trying my first OD there and just hoping to get as near to 3hrs as possible .. unless under 3 hours
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    I did the OD last year in 2hrs 46. Fortunately it was calm but it can get a hell of a swell and shore break. Keep your fingers crossed.

    The bike is ok, its a closed course but its not fast. Straight up and down the prmenade road 12 times. Having to slow, turn 180 degress and get back up to speed certainly takes it out of your legs for the run so don't go too mad on the cycle or you will suffer.

    It was very well organised and a hot day so that impacted on my time too.

    Have fun. Its a good fun course as its so compact there are plenty of people to cheer you on.
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    joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    I'll be doing the sprint there on Saturday - the last one for me this year until I move up to OD next year, so want to get a good time! Haven't trained too much recently but hoping to just go for it!! Mind you I'm not a sea lover at all but thought I'd give myself another challenge!!
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    LexLex Posts: 65
    Cheers all,

    My swimming has improved a lot from going down Hyde Park on the weekends but im well nervous about the sea swim. My bilateral breathing isnt all that and im only comfortable going to one side - hopefully any waves wont be coming from that direction!!!

    See you down there Saturday!!
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    I'll be there - it's local to me. Last year it was hot, the sea was calm and was really good fun. The bike and run are short laps along the front and you get loads of cheers and stuff from passersby.

    As there are still places on both, I still haven't made up my mind which distance to do. Help!

    Sea swimming can be glorious - I swam for ages in a glass-like sea last night, watching the sun go down, which was utter bliss after a very long day at work. But if there's a big swell then it can get very technical. Keep your head up, do loads of sighting and try not to swallow too much water as the brine can make you feel quite sick.

    See you all there! My husband who has only just gone back to work after 3 months off sick is even thinking of doing it, that's how nice a race it is.

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    LexLex Posts: 65
    blurredgirl, cheers!

    Do the OD, you know you want to!!

    Heres to calm seas!!
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    Blurredgirl, I saw a post from you the other day (London roll of honour) that said you were doing your first OD there, that was a great encouragement to me as it's my first one too.

    ..so you have to now !
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    good luck to everyone on saturday

    I'm doing my second sprint and looking forward to it, give me a cheer I will be the fat bloke with loads of new kit plodding along on the run with the big smile waiting to come out after i finish.

    hope the weather is good see you all there
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    I'll see you all there. DH is doing it too - his first ever triathlon and just 3 months after being diagnosed with bilateral pulmonary embolism.

    My hero.

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