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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    "Felt like a hero", you are a hero. Well done on completing it in an excellent time, and persevering with the swim. Could of all gone horribly wrong so soon, but battled on and made it to the end.
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    Well done Tim, great effort.
    You are an inspiration.
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    I still can't even comprehend these distances in my mind .. the nearest I've got is running a marathon in 2004 in 4hrs59mins ... training could ahve been better but I was still very proud.

    Very inspirational also to see that even during an Ironman you're subject to the same panics and challenges that I felt in a much smaller way in my first sprint 400m swim ..yet you can battle through to go on for hours and hours of endurance, therefore I too shall complete my OD on the 15th !!

    pretty speechless actually .. * hat off * ..

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    timtim Posts: 43
    worth adding that swimming is normally my best discipline, i grew up swimming, and have never had an issue before, it just shows different circumstances throw up different challenges. i'll not underestimate the swim if i do another!
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    Hey Tim,
    I was a 'finish line catcher', and let me tell you, you were all heroes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've never seen so many overjoyed, knackered faces in my life!!
    One thing though, it stoked the fire in my belly for IMUK 2010. "I TOO WILL BE AN IRONMAN"

    Well done mate
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