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swim time estimation help

Hi all

training for my first Tri, need to put my swim time estimation down for my swim section on my reg form.. ok, I can do 400m in 9.5 mins.. and thats without going hell for leather, I can go faster so thats a good time for pacing it I think although it werent slow by any means

a. do I just put that time on the form

b. do I add time to give me room for error, nerves, people in my way?

its an indoor swim, lanes, so I MAY be catching people up n all that but at the same time I dont want to hold anyone else up by putting a slower time..

do they make allowance for any of this? I am new to it, hence asking!


Shell :-)


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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hi Shell,

    Good question and to be honest you have already answered it yourself!

    If you can do 9:30 at a comfortable pace then put that down... you're right not to put a 'hell for leather' time down until you have really worked out what it is like to actually do a race.

    Don't worry about overtaking. They will explain in the pre-race brieifing what to do. It usually involves tapping the feet of the person in front a couple of times and they'll let you past at the end of the lane. Same goes if you fell your feet getting tapped.

    There's a huge amount of variability in swim times on the day, too, so you'll often get people going plus or minus about 1 minute on the guess times they put down (in the slower waves, anyway). As the waves get faster it gets more accurate, and the very experienced swimmer will be within 10s of the times they put down.

    Sometimes you'll get some pratt who puts 9:00 down knowing they can do 6:00 just so they can get an earlier start time, but it doesn't happen often.

    So... yes.... they do make allowance for different speeds (by allowing overtaking) and you'll be in the right place putting a speed you are comfortable with.

    Just remember on the day to try not to let the excitement get to you and end up destroying yourself in the heat of the moment!!! Take it easy, have a great first race and let us all know what happens!
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    meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    thanks dude! I dont want to wind anyone up by being in their way but at the same time knacker meself in the swim by leggin it

    am still waiting on my jelly legs :-)

    I will deffo let u know how I get on, its so exciting, god, i hope I can do it! this is week 2 of my training and so far so good :-)


    Shell [:)]
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    No probs! Maybe I should have pointed out that you'll be starting in waves, so all the people who put 9:30-ish will be in together. You won't be in anybody's way and you shouldn't feel 'pushed' along.
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    meakiemeakie Posts: 124
    yeah thanks, I know about the waves, i just thought the time I got in practice is gonna vary in the real life situation cos I will be cacking it!! hehe
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