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Anyone got hold of a Garmin 310XT yet?

Interested in views/comments.

I have to admit I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the HRM on my 405. It keeps just about doubling the heart rate... which is annoying. I'm wondering if the strap battery is getting flat. I'll try a different one and see if that improves things. Dunno if it is a software error though. But it is putting me off the Garmin brand at the moment. I keep having to revert to my good old Polar.

It's annoying as I am thinking of investing in an ANT enabled powertap at some point down the line...


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    [toPh][toPh] Posts: 244
    I'd never had this problem before until last week when I was getting readings of nearly 300bpm. Can you let me know if a battery change fixes the problem.
    Is there a reset button on they strap?
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    YES! I have - mainly because I sell them at work and have to know how to use them!
    I hated to 405 with with bezel that you needed to slide your finger around and the complicated menu system.
    The 310XT is the business! its perfect for triathlon and even incorporates transition times in a race or race situation. Its got every possible reporting function which you can display and have the display alternating between 2 screen shots for even more data!
    I spent an evening playing with it and found it easy to set up, use and would definetly recommend it.
    If anybody is interested i can probably work out a good price for you and ship [It would be from Ireland as thats where I am based]
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I've got one as well. New to GPS, as previously only used HRM. Haven't really been able to use it in anger, but have used it for a few training runs and indoor workouts. At present, can't praise it enough. Particularly like the HR graph, and the zones you are wroking in, and also the uploading data into Garmin website for review of data.

    Got a multi-sport function that you can deails the sports being undertaken, so ideal for Triathlon / Duathlon / Aquathlon etc, and you can also include transitions of you want. Press of the lap button moves you onto the next sport, and automatically changes the data displayed on the screen to what you configured. Mines linked up to the cadence sensor on the bike, so even more data.

    Downside is, I've only got the wrist strap, so it needs to stay there during the run. There is a quick change strap, I haven't seen one yet, and I'm wary that if it's easy to and quick to take the unit off your wrist an install on you bike (in T1 I suppose) then there is the danger that it could come off in the swim melee.

    Got my first race with it in a couple of weeks time, so will use it under pressure then, and it'll be interesting to see the race feedback. I'll keep you posted.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    handangeo wrote:
    YES! I have - mainly because I sell them
    Err... without meaning to be rude, can I ask how biased you are?

    Any issues with accuracy of the HRM?
    In your experience would a low battery in the strap cause misreadings on the 405?

    Any idea how often they do updates to the firmware/software in them? Aside from all the receivers/transmitters, they are basically a computer doing calculations - and a pretty sophisticated one. Like most of these devices, they're never right first time - shipping deadlines usually come up before all the bugs are out. I was thinking of waiting a bit for the first wave to go out, and ones with an updated version come along... but have no idea if that's how it works, and how long that will be.

    Can you pair the ANT peripherals with multiple watches - so that you can have a device attached to the bike, and one on the wrist? [yes, more money than sense, but just wondering].

    Have you tried any non Garmin ANT compatible devices?

    Will there be a 410XT that is somehow better than a 310XT coming along?

    I want one, but not sure how much of an early adopter to be, and how much of an investment to make in ANT.
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    I sell them as a retailer - i certainly dont work for them and use one myself as a triathlete.
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    TrisurferTrisurfer Posts: 228

    I'm new to triathlon training, 2nd season and 2nd race coming up, trying to step things up a little.

    my lovely wife bought me one of these! its my first GPS and heart rate monitor.

    I love it, it takes automatic splits based on time, distance or something else. Provides separate data for each split (avg speed, pace max speed, time, dist, avg heart max heart) works out 5 different zones for heart rate.
    Haven't used it for open water yet, but will shortly, will report back when i do.

    the garmin soft wear for analysis is okay, easy to use, the routes are ploted on rubbish maps (would be better on google earth?

    the graphs are quality, can show 2 sets of data on one line graph.

    really good bit of kit, will it make me faster???? No, is it heaps of fun to analize every bit of data from work out??? YES!

    I like it!!
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