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IM 70.3 Rapperswil Jona 2010 anybody doing?

Thinking of doing this as my first HIM - when would I need to register by?
Does anybody have race experience here?


  • I've done both 70.3 and full IM in Switzerland both are awesome races.

    The 70.3 is an excellent race held in a pretty town Rapperswil, the swim is an out and back in quite possibly the cleanest clearest water I've ever raced in, seriously, you can drink this water and its fine!!

    The bike is a 2 lap course with two major climbs, "Witches Hill" and "The Beast". Witches hill is a steep 14-15% climb roughly 1-1.5km long its not too bad, "the beast" is a shorter, steeper climb. Its is a fairly lumpy bike course but has some excellent decents where you can take a bit of a breather. Overall its not too tough, but I would do some hills in training though.

    The run is pan flat except for "the stairway to heaven" a series of about 80 steps about 2 km into each lap (2 laps). It is quite an exposed run course so if its hot I would wear a hat.

    Overall a superb race with UNBELIEVABLE support from the locals, on both the climbs the crowds are 3 deep each side and you feel like a Tour rider going up Ventoux, its amazing.
  • thanks Firestarter,

    Do you know how quickly the event fills up or how soon would i need to register?

  • LexLex Posts: 65
    Im after a foreign 70.3 race for early season 2010 and have been looking at this one and Austria.

    Firestarter, have you done Austria? Any good?

  • Well I have registered - any other takers from here?
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