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North-East events

Hi everyone,

I'm just starting out and looking for a first Sprint- or Olympic distance tri in the North-East to train for early next year. I've been looking around the various websites but I can't seem to find any with listings past the end of 2009; can anyone suggest which sites to have a look on or even reccomend events? I'm based in Newcastle but would be more than prepared to travel a bit.




  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Shaun

    Welcome to the sport and to the forum. It is pretty much the norm for triathlon events to be held around the same time each year - so for example the Tyne and Wear Fire Service Sprint tri which is up in your area (Hebburn I think) is held during the first weekend in August as a general rule. Most triathlons are run with British Triathlon backing and therefore organisers have to submit detailed applications to run events through their national associations. With this point in mind I think British triathlon begin processing event applications for 2010 events in the Autumn of this year and that is why definite dates for 2010 cannot be found at present on websites.

    To get a rough idae of event dates so that you can do some outline planning, have a look at the events section of the British Triathlon website and you will see the 2009 event dates - then you can pinpoint roughly when these events will happen next year and then be able to confirm dates when the dates are released around Xmas/New Year.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks for your help, that clears it up perfectly.
  • OhneillOhneill Posts: 15
    If you've not already done so check out http://www.trihard.co.uk/index.htm - they list mainly North East events.

    I just started triathlons this year & have so far done Darlington Tri (400m pool, 16Mile bike, 5k run) in mid May - excellent event on closed roads for bike & traffic free run has been running for several years so suspect will be similar next year . Also did Wansbeck Triathlon at Queen Elizabeth II Country Park (750m lake, 20k bike 5k run) early June - another good event for first open water (weather was pants though!)

    Got Stockton Sprint & Newbiggin sprint coming up soon!
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