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New To Triathlon

I'm new to Triathlon and have done a couple of small competitions for fun so far. I've done ok, but know i can do better. Is it advisable to join a club when starting out?


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    Hi mr gee and welcome to the forum.

    You're probably best posting in the general chat forum, i suspect most people dont really look at the training one.

    The short answer to your question is yes. You'll be able to draw on the knowledge of other members, who between them will have a great deal of tri knowledge over varying distances. Each person is different but most people find it easier to train in a group and you will notice a difference in your times.

    Which tri's have you done, distances, times, etc? Where are you based?
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    chischis Posts: 94
    If you have tried a couple of events already it sounds as though you have caught the triathlon bug and that you are now hooked on this great sport!

    If that is the case I would definitely consider joining a club - this will give you access to friendly advice and loads of encouragement from like-minded folk as well as access to more structured training. In many clubs there are also club series where club memebers get together and do mini duathlons, triathlons and time trials as part of their training. In addition you should get access to open water swimming sessions which is a real bonus. Good luck and enjoy!
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