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Swim times

Planning on entering my first tri in 5 weeks time, Derby 400m/18k/5k.

Went out for my first swim session last night. After a few lengths warm up i did 400m breast stroke in 8 mins at about 85% effort.

My question is i'm not sure whether to put this time down on my entry form or something a bit quicker as i will have done more training by then, or a bit slower so to save energy for the rest of the race.

I can't access previous years results so i'm not sure how 8 mins compares. I suspect as i can only do breast stroke this will be towards the slower end of the the field.

Anyone else entering Derby tri?


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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    I've not done any pool based tri's only OW but I'm guessing you'll be surprised. 8mins for 400m is probably better than average!
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    iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    It's better than my pool 400m front crawl time, which averages around 8.5 - 9 mins, flat out!
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I would go with the 8 mins, which by the way is a pretty respectable time. All the pool based Spritns I've done, it doesn;t seem to make too much difference what ime you put down, as you never seem to be able to achieve it. It all comes down to how it's organised. If you have the lane to yourself, then it is so'able. however, the general way is that you are set off at 15 or 20 second intervals and therefore the lane is full of swimmers of mixed ability, fasters ones who started before you, and slower ones who started after you (although sometimes this is the oterh way round). You'll therefore be have the faster ones trying to pass you, and the catch the slowers ones who you'll be trying to pass. Becomes a bit of a log jam in the end.

    Needless to say I' ve never achieved my target time, and generally work on the basis that if I can get out of the water near the time I said I would then that's all well and good, and the real race can begin.

    The main thing is to enjoy it. Poll based swims ae good fun, because you don't get involved in the melee you get at the start of a mas OW race.
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    jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    For my first tri (400m) I put 7:00 down having swum 7:05's in training at 80% effort with the idea that there is no point killing myself in the pool as it is a fraction of the event. Cue event day and I'm in a lane with 2 others that put down 6:40 and 6:45 for their times. I started 2nd, 15s behind, and was the first to exit with a time of 6:38 (recorded at the exit to the pool not the end of lane). I since improved (6:03) and repeated (6:30). But I can't get near that time in training, the adrenelin of race day adds some and you often get carried away in the moment. I would stick 8 minutes down personally as if you don't improve on it then you will end up slowed down having to stop to let people past, and there is always the motivation boost of being one of the first out of the water if your faster.
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    I only managed 750m in 18mins open water at the London Sprint tri so your time is pretty good.
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    Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Have a browse on http://www.stuweb.co.uk/. Lots of tri race results there. And pool times are probably pretty transferable.

    Take the Three Spires Tri held back in May, that was a 400m pool swim. The 8:00 mark was about bang in the middle of the field - slightly above in fact. So it's a very reasonable time to do. Of course, most people do that front crawl, so you are a pretty good breast stroker!

    Remember it is an estimate, to help with getting people of similar abilities in the pool together, so there is the least amount of bumping, barging and overtaking. You are not held to that time. It would have though a minute or two of leeway is fine. But getting your time wildly wrong is not an offence.

    By convention, the slower ones start first (so the event organisers only have to hire the pool for the morning, not all day as would be the case if I was to start last, for example). Sometimes good swimmers put down silly times so that they can start fast, enabling them to get away early to cook the Sunday dinner or whatever it is. This is annoying though, but they do not get disqualified as a result.

    If you get a lot better than 8 mins then well done you!
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