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Rough Track Tri

Finally decided to take the metaphorical plunge and have entered Mens Fitness rough track tri on Sept 20th. Been to Dorney before and know the "usual" course-flat as the proverbial and windier than rugger bugger after 15 pints of Guinness. How different is the rough version; and getting conflicting info on run-is it 9k or 7?


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    han382han382 Posts: 80
    I did the Rough Track last year and it was alot of fun. The bike course was very wet and muddy-and it was actually very hard work-and the run goes "Cross Country"-but it's more like road/track rather than real cross country. There was a good end of season feel to the event and it was excellantly organised (also-as the road isn't used for the bike course you can actaully use the car park right next to transition-no more 1/2 mile walks with your bike and transition box!). All I can say is that last year the run was 9km (2 loops of running up a road and back along a track)-I assumed it would be the same this year.

    Good luck if you go for it!
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    BmanBman Posts: 442
    Ive dont the sprint for the past 2 years. It was my first ever tri so I thought I'd do it again last year to see how I was a year on. Answer: the semi-slicks I'd used the year before were no good in the thick mud. If anyone was there last year, I was the fool spinning his wheels and going nowhere, fast! I do enjoy this race, mainly cos it makes a nice change from the usual dorney races, and my MTB doesnt feel completely left out of the race season.

    The bike course is pretty flat, trail and gravel with one little bump which is fun. And as mentioned before the run is along the road to the entrance of the lake and back along a dirt track, so flat as can be. Each loop is definitely 4.something km long.

    The goody bag was better than most races last year too. The T-shirt was a little OTT though, with massive writing emblazoned all over it. I guess this relates to the other thread on shirts, I'd rather have a plain shirt with the race details on the the chest pocket area. I do feel a bit of a tit walking around the gym with "hard as nails" or "do triathlon" across the back. But hey, rather that than yesteday's smelly shirt!
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