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googles for open water swims

meakiemeakie Posts: 124
question: do i need a specific/different/special pair for my first open water swim? or will regular pool goggles suffice.

maybe a dumb question, but I needed to ask



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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Same goggles will be fine, I have 2 sets, one for training and one for events, the training ones get chucked at the end of the season (normally) and the event set become the training set and I get a new set for competing.

    I train in both the pool and the ocean and have no issues going from chlorine to salt water but I do make sure I rinse ( in fresh water) and dry the goggles after each training session, the event set have to wait around a while before being rinsed off! (I use Aquasphere seal)
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    You don't need a different pair for OW, but it can be a good idea if your pool goggles are minimal racing ones. The Aquasphere Seal goggles that Willy mentions are great open water goggles on account of their large seal area, if they fit your face. They don't fit me.[8|]

    You don't want to be stopping to get water out of your goggles mid-race, so the larger seal is useful. Also, they are very hard to kick off and you get good lateral vision from the wide lenses so you can see the guy who is about to hit you in the face

    In summary, for open water a nice soft seal that works, a strong head-band and good lateral vision are advantages. If your goggles are like this then don't change them. We all know the pain that comes with finding a pair of goggles that fits - and when you do, they become lifelong friends. [:D]

    My choice goes with the Aquasphere Kaiman.

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