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My Training

Guys, I was hoping I could use your vast knowledge to critique my training plan and give me some ideas to improve.

Not really doing HR training properly so have used Percieved effort given from 1 - 10 (1 is virtually no effort, 5 is a little out of breath and can feel fatigue but can contine at this pace for an hour or so, 10 is absolutely knackering, can't continue for more than a couple of mins.)

This season I am entering sprints only. I will then build up over the winter to do a sprint as my first race next year then on to Standard. (The year after I want to do 70.3 and IM)

I have mixed up long and shorter length distances to try to improve my endurance.

Here is my usual weekly plan

Lunch - 7km run (perceived effort - 7)
Evening - Swim 1.5km (PE - 5)

AM - 16km cycle (to work) (PE - 7)
PM - 16km cycle (to work) (PE - 8)

Lunch - 5km run (PE - 8)
Evening - Cycle 30k (PE - 6) (Hilly)

AM - 16km cycle (to work) (PE - 7)
PM - 16km cycle (to work) (PE - 8)
Evening - Swim 1.5 Intervals/Technique (PE - 6)

PM - 15k run (PE - 7)

Saturday or Sunday
AM - 1.5k Open water swim (PE - 5)
PM - 40k Cycle (PE - 6) (Hilly)

The other weekend day is my day off

I'd be really interested to see what everyone else is doing.

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