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hawaii 70.3 weather conditions

hi all,
i am on the look out for an MD event next year and i was thinking hawaii 70.3

i am however concerned about the following:

-the climate: does it get very hot? i sweat an awful lot so i am worried about getting very dehydrated

-the swim: i assume the swim is in the sea an hawaii being a surfers paradise i wonder if the sea will be very choppy/wavy therefore slowing you down considerably?

-anyone who has done races abroad how do you cope with jetlag pre race? do u go there much earlier and if yes how many days prior would be a good standard?

thank you


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    conehead did the hawaii 70.3 this year and i think 'hot' was a consistent theme.

    here is his race report! i'm sure it is the most amazing place to race, the home of triathlon, and with the crystal clear water to swim in!

    i'm sure the man himself will add some clarity to his race report, if you want it enough then i'm sure you can do it.
  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    blimey sporteve, you have got the bug! didnt you do your 1st tri at london? how did you get on?
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    hi gingertri
    yes i did my 1st ever sprint in london - after all my stress and worry it went brilliantly for me - i am so happy and proud!
    there is of course plenty of room for improvement and this is what i shall be doing this winter ...oh and finding ways to spend money on new gear of course!
    yes i do want to continue with longer distances and would love to give myself a nice big challenge this is why i thought i'd check out hawaii however having read conehead's report on the race earlier this summer i might give it a miss at least for next year...
    i might not enough experience on racing, cycling and even my body's capabilities and reaction to deal with the extreme conditions
    maybe as a first him i should look for somewhere less climatically challenging...
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