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Cleveland Relays Race Report

So this is the report from my first ever attempt at a team time trial.

I was very nervous indeed and on Friday, after a good day (although not from an English point of view ) at the test match at Headingly, we got home at about 8.30 pm and I started to get my stuff ready to a commentary from the hubbie consisting of comments along the lines of "do you really need all that stuff? Don't forget the kitchen sink" ho ho ho

Got up early and feeling rather sick on Saturday morning, finished packing the car in beautiful sunshine and set off trying to think positively about how things were going to go. Twenty minutes into the drive I realised that I was some way away from where I was supposed to be and heading in the wrong direction - doh. Turned round and ended up at the right place, only about twenty minutes late.... Met my, by now rather frantic, team members two of whom I'd never met before and got ready for the swim, in a lovely 20 m pool with wide windows down one side and oddly on the first floor. Swim went fairly well, I was quite pleased with a time of 8:20 for the 400 m and between us we had a fairly respectable time for the 1.6 km of 31 mins. There was plenty of time to get dry and changed before a slow spin down to the bike start.

20 mile bike went alright I think, took 1:01 hour which I thought was pretty good but I know is slow for everyone else (but it's almost my first time on a road bike remember). Thanks to the lad who led all the way so the rest of us got to draft and for all the road craft tips I got. We were last back from the bike and then it was just the 4 x 3 mile run relay to do - this was the bit that was really bad. Well, I never said I could run but I did manage it although I had to walk some.

Thanks to Cleveland tri for their excellent organisation and for running a really friendly supportive event.

Personally I'm a bit depressed about my performance but know that there's a lot of room for improvement and that I shouldn't expect miracles. Logically the bike went quite well for the second time ever I've ridden a road bike and given that I haven't trained for the run at all I suppose that doing it at all is somewhat of an achievement. I can't decide whether to do the sprint at Stockton at the end of the month or just to leave it at that for the rest of the season and get some focussed training in over the winter.
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