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I completed my first ironman distance this year (Roth in Germany) - and am very proud of that.
I'd like to do another event next year (probably Nice), and would like to do it as a charity fund raiser.
I'm familiar with the justgiving website, which is great. Does anyone have experience of fundraising that can give me a few pointers on how to mobilize/optimize a campaign or share their experiences?


  • Just giving is the biggest tip going, collecting money after the event is a real pain and takes some of the gloss off the warm feeling you get. Also set up a contact group for email purposess that way you can keep every one updated on your progress ( or set up a blog although I've not done that before )

    Well done and good luck.
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I did the london marathon for charity in 2007 and my tip for just giving would be to send the details to family and close friends first, then open it up to the rest of your personal contacts and work contacts later.

    Be sure to leave plenty of time and be prepared to send some reminders - also make any emails as personal as possible, I know that I'm always inclined to ignore mass mailings even from friends.

    Also - the most important thing: leave plenty of time if you have a fixed fundraising target!
  • Also dont be scared to ask people for money. Most of the people in my work donated to my fundraiser and i got like £200 in 3 days - if id given more time maybe woulda got more money!
  • Thanks for your suggestions and your encouragement!
    (Your just giving site looks great, David).
    Does anyone out there have a business background in charitable fundraising? Or can anyone recommend a good book on the topic?
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I think the thing which has helped is to actually be passionate about the charity - or at least know about it. At my old work there was always a sponsorship form etc floating about for something or other and it can get quite tiresome for people to constantly be asked for money. But, if you can explain how they will be helping the chairty etc then that goes down a lot easier than 'it's for X innit'. Also, as you've already done an Ironman, you may need to explain why sponsoring you to do something you would probably do anyway is worthwhile...or perhaps I'm just a mean selfish b'stard who hates everyone*

    *I'm not accepting or denying this statement
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    I emailed my big list every few weeks with a little story about training or recent race. Didn't seem too much like tin-rattling but did the trick.

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