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Swanage OD - Completed with mixed feelings!!

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was my first ever OD tri so I thought it would only be right to write a race report dtailing the highs and very lows of the event.....

Arrived at the event early morning to park bike in transition and also to see some of the sprint waves go off, the weather was superb and the harbour swim looked absolutely ideal, still water and crystal clear!
I warmed up on the beach and then went for a brief swim to loosen up, the swim stroke felt good and I had a for some reason a good feeling about the race.... Then back on to beach for the race instructions etc, always amazes me the amount of people who needless talk over the information being provided, anyhow, i got my mind in gear and then down to the waters edge ready for the go!!!

As soon as the whistle went, the usaul ruck began, being new to all this I stayed well right to avoid the mely, however after a couple of minutes things settled down really quickly and I got into my stroke. Swimming not usually a strength of mine, i was really surprised how well i was gliding thorugh the water, took time to esnure I tailed a few people and also pushed on when I felt I needed too - in the end came out of the water in 28mins, slow by comparison to others, but lightning for me... Straight onto the bike and I knew the bike route was pretty hilly - needless to say I went through the gears many times but kept my legs spinning, the ride seemed to be flying by, past a few people and got passed by a few but was holding my own, I felt confident that this was building to be agreat race. As the bike went on the legs started to hurt a little on the hills but with the miracle of flat coke in my water bottle, I seemed to muster the energy to keep pushing, I managed the bike in 1hr 18 inc transition time.

The final hurdle was the run, 1okm of pain, up and over a large hill climbing 400ft in the first 4km, it hurt but I kept plodding - I knew I just had to get to the top and the rest was all down hill, the 10km came and went and with the hills invoilved i was happy to post a 48min run time - in told 2hr 40min for the first OD, I was over the moon!!!!!

Now comes the down side, I stopped after the race to revel in the post race banter and take on a well earnt drink prior to going back to transition to pick up my gear.... Upon reaching transition however, I knew automatically something was wrong with my gear on the floor... soemone had either inadvertantly taken the wrong plastic container, or tipped out my plastic box of gear, and selctively chosen which items to take and then left the transition area. I was gutted, I have lost my bike shoes, oakley classes, multi tools, pumps, all sorts of things, I would love to think this was a naccident and that in the next couple of days this stuff will be returned, however, I know that the contents was emptied from the box and the lower value items had been left in transition - for me it took the shine of what is a major achievement!!

If this was an accident, then I look forward to recieving the gear in the coming days, if however my stuff has been taken deliberately, then I hope what goes around comes around - the whole idea of the transition area for me is all about be surrounded by piers with the same vales and interests as yourself, its a real shame if every event you enter you have to double chekc the competitor either side of you prior to a race!!!!

Has this happened to anyone else??


  • TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Firstly, congratulations on an excellent race, and an even better time.

    Secondly, those ba5tards. You must be bloody furious. Likewise, I'm under the belief that all people in Transition are there with the same intention as I am, to have a good race and enjoy themselves. So sorry to hear about your losses, what have the organisers said on the matter.
  • DaveDrysDaveDrys Posts: 31
    It doesnt seem to be a spait of thefts, just mine - therefore just some opportunistic b££tard - believe me I am fuming, just heard back from my insurance company and typically because the gear was left in transition unattended, my policy does not cover the theft!!!!!
  • durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    Congratulations on a really great race.

    I'm really sorry to hear what happened afterwards, you must be gutted and livid
  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    Great first race, well done!

    Really sorry to hear about the missing items - thats awful. Have you contacted the organisers just incase they can help?
  • DaveDrysDaveDrys Posts: 31
    yeah I have contacted them, and to be honest they were as gutted as I was - the woman couldnt have been more apologetic, I have asked the question if they are insured for such incidents and I am yet to hear back from them! In their defense however, from the moemnt I knew something was wrong they did their utmost to sort things out - they have been a real help - unfortunately this doesnt reimburse me for my loss - believe me it is a cost I could do without right now!!!!
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Congratulations on a good race,and commisserations on having it tainted.
    Ask the organisers if they would be willing to give you the names and addresses of the competitors around you,not just the ones either side but maybe 5 each side and if possible the ones on the rows infront and behind.Send them a letter saying that your transition box was kicked over scattering your items and that they may have been inadvertently been placed with their kit.
    If your kit was taken by an opportunist then consider a Hex on them.
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