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Little Woody . . .

The Little Woody is being run on 29 August as a HIM distance event, and run alongside The Big Woody, and you;ve guessed it an IM distance event. IT seems that there are a few on the Forum doing it, but is anyone actually treating it as a race, as it seems most, me included, are treating it as a learning session in going long. I think this is because the only time limit there is is the 1:20 for the swim, once out of the water there are no cut offs for the bike or run.

So who's soing it, and who's actually racing?


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    I’m in..

    I’ll be treating it like a hard training exercise,

    I’ll swim like it’s a race – I only have 1 swimming pace
    I’ll cycle within specific HR zones.. and I’ll also run within specific HR zones..

    to be honest It won’t be too far off a proper race pace.

    I really want to try out different nutritions strategies for my A race the New Forest Middle 3 weeks later..

    I have a rough break down of times:

    45mins swim
    4hrs 15min cycle
    2hrs 30mins run
    15mins transitions
    8hrs total

    I’ll be camping the night before and probably the night of race too..

    Planning on bringing “pink” Scott too…

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    IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    I'm in the Little Woody too, and i'll be treating it as a learning excersise in going long. I've got a rough nutrition plan and i have "ideal scenario" times in my head, but i expect i will make loads of errors which i hope to learn from. All in all i want to complete it as far under 8hrs as possible, to give me some confidence that i can beat the cut off time for IM France next year. I know that just because i can get within half the time for half the distance doesn't automatically mean you can nail it on the longer distance but psychologically it'll be a good confidence boost.

    I'm looking forward to the race though, i'm travelling down from Manchester Friday morning and i'm staying in a B&B down the road.
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    Seems like we'll all attempting to do it in the same sort of times, under 8 hours. I pencilled in Swim + T1 < 1:00, Bike + T2 < 4:00, Run < 3:00, Total < 8:00.

    I'll be registering Friday afternoon'ish, and then abck home and travel up on the Satruday morning for the event.
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    the title of this thread is dodgier than most of mine . . .
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    It's the cold water, once we get back into the warm pool, then we'll rename The Big Woody!
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    GGBGGB Posts: 482
    I shall be competing ... well I shall be aiming to finish, it will be by far the longest sporting event of mine to date and therefore my aim is to finish.

    I am not using it as training as such but just to see if I can do it and then make a decision on an IM distance for next year.

    For those camping I have a question .... If we are camping at the finish and we have racked the bikes at the start on the Friday - how are we to get to the start on the Saturday ? if we drive to the start on Saturday am .. how are we getting back to the start after we have finished .. its a good 15-20 plus miles distance from what I can tell and I don't fancy cycling back to the start to pick my car up.

    I have tried to search fo rinfo on the net but to no avail ... am I missing something here ?
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
    I believe the process is:

    Friday: Register at Lakers School, Coleford, then take your bike to T1 at Drummonds Dub lake.

    Saturday: Leave car at Laker School, and organisers provide transport to take you to Drummonds Dub lake. Exit swim, onto bike, and T2 is back at Lakers School. Run is out and back (twice), so finish is also at Lakers School. Organisers will bring your wetsuit, gogles etc back to the finish for colelction.
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    IronABSIronABS Posts: 66
    I'm planning on racking my bike at T1 on the Friday - but what about my bike kit?? Do i leave it there overnight as well or bring it with me on Saturday. This could mean an early trip to T1 to drop my kit off then drive the car to the school so it's at the finish line (plus dropping my running gear off in T2) then getting the organised transport back to the lake. Seems like a load of messing around...or will the transport get us to the lake with time to spare so we can drop our cycling gear in T1 and then jump into our wet-suits...or maybe i'm (as always) worrying unduly about all the logistics...
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    gunforhiregunforhire Posts: 457
    Don't think I'm going to make this one now.
    Time is getting short and I'm already dragging the kids up to Northampton the week before for the Club Relays.
    Next year...

    Good luck to all entered - look forward to the race reports.
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    TRIumphantTRIumphant Posts: 850
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