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Bike storage

I am just wondering if anyone has tried the tidy tent/bike cave and if it was any good? Also I am trying to find a bike storage solution as I am unable to store my bike inside anymore. Hooks not an option, also meatl bokes too expensive, any ideas?


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    JulesJules Posts: 987
    I looked at the tidy tent thing, it looked OK, if you fitted lots of security features. However I found a space for my bike on the landing.

    If you go for the tidy tent I would say you should make sure if you can that it's somewhere out of sight from the road and that you get a security light that will come on if anyone goes near it. I'd get a properly robust fixture to lock the bike to. The "anka point" they supply as an extra for the tidy tent looks very flimsy. I was contemplating getting a Sheffield bike stand concreted in, through the tent. I'd then get a couple of the sturdiest locks you can find. I was thinking a chain that usually goes on a motorbike, and one of those U locks you can get that has an alarm. CCTV would also be an option.

    All the above might sound excessive, and it might be if your bike is a "cheap" one (like mine) rather than a two grand plus carbon beast. However, bear in mind people on here have had bikes stolen from locked sheds, and once the theiving scum know they can get your bike they will come back again for the replacement.

    I got permission from the WAT officer to keep the bike inside on the landing when I pointed out that keeping it outside would invlove spending £300 plus on security stuff.
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    durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    Hidden in an underground cellar only accessible from a single trap door guarded by a three headed dog?

    On second thoughts perhaps the difficultly involved in getting to it yourself would seriously impact on your training schedule............
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    Concrete, drill, ground anchor, Hilti HIT 150 and the biggest mother f*@!ing lock you can find... BOSH!!!
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    Good advice to be honest security is not the main priority as where it will be kept is only accesible from my flat, the theif would have to carry the bike over 4 fences through four gardens to get it out as we are in the middle of a terrace. I am more concerned with the waterproof quality of the tidy tent or storage box. Any other ideas, also who has any info on the worthing tri this weekend?
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