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Triathlon coaching

Does anyone use these online coaches? I was wondering how popular they are and have people seen positive results when compared to some generic downloaded programs? I'm thinking of using one myself to kick on my training a gear or are there other things to invest in before you start looking into this?

Does anyone have any recommendations?


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    Hi Revershed,

    My opinion is that if you have a decent set of basic gear, you are a novice, Some of the best value for money in term of performance/speed is a trainer/ coach.

    I decided to use Rick Kiddle after I realised that perhaps I need a more structured approach to the middle distance race in sept I've entered..

    So far it's the best money I've spent in triathlon (expect for my bike.. and my gps watch..) the results have be really positive and I'm starting to believe I really will finish (and not die!!)

    I haven't used an online trainer, I guess I would ask what sort input you get into your plan.. i.e. do you get a specific week by week program that is tailored to your strengths/weaknesses and also considers your time limitations?? if it's just a off the peg plan then I'd say it's no better than a book likee trianing bible etc..

    As I finish I realise that perhaps I haven't answered your question...

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    And where might someone find such a coach ?
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    Im Spartacus wrote:
    And where might someone find such a coach ?
    Not on here mate........
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