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Ironman Bolton Uk Photos

Ironman Bolton Uk Photos
http://www.flickr.com/photos/30547649@N ... 956539516/
If you took part, I have many other photos not displayed. If you let me know your number i will look for your photo.


  • Awesome... some good shots.

    I couldn't see myself on the flickr album so if had a moment to look for me that would be very much appreciated.

    To help you identify me:

    My race number was 707. I spent most of my time hanging around in about 200-210th position although I dropped back a bit on the run.

    For the bike I was wearing a blue (with some black and white) dhd cycle jersey, black shorts and 2xu Compression socks plus a grey (non aero) hat. my bike is a white focus TT bike.

    If you caught any shots of the run I had changed into a black running vest and shorts with some orange and a white visor.

    Fingers crossed you caught me... I wasn't very impressed with the official pics.

  • mutleymutley Posts: 2
    Thanks. Congrats on finishing Ironman in a good time. Sorry have looked through photos but I must have missed you. Guess you were too fast for me.
  • agent_tiagent_ti Posts: 306
    I was number 236, don't suppose you got any of me? I was wearing black 2xu tri suit (along with half the people there) and black arm warmers for the bike and blue helmet, and a white visor for the run. Really narrows it down!
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