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OT no bikes here

So I'm now five hours into a mammoth research shift and my work isn't doing as it should - solid piece of rubbish At least other people are happy and I have a long, long night of doing collecting data for other people ahead of me.

To add insult to injury there are no bikes here I'm working in a synchroton ring - think big silver doughnut with a circumference of getting on for 1 km and in the last one I used (well when I physically had to go rather than running it over the ether) they had bikes to cycle from one place to another inside - I was looking forward to a 2 am ring race!

Thinking about it perhaps I should have brought the training bike then I could have done timed 10 km laps round the road round the outside in the early hours of the morning rather than sitting on my bum eating chocolate to stay awake

What other places are only improved by the addition of bikes? Or is there anywhere that isn't?

Any suggestions for ways to make the night pass more amusingly?


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    a friend of mine works at something similar, a huge accelerator or doughnut thing. he occasionally goes to japan to play on theirs and told me they had golf-carts to travel around it on because it was so huge.

    are you going to be there until the small hours? make sure you have plenty to eat! get some regular breaks, if you can get short walks in (to the tea point / sweet machine) then they helped keep me going.
  • durhamvamdurhamvam Posts: 246
    yep Ris,

    I'm here until 9 am tomorrow morning!!

    Then I've got a day to recover - might go for a swim - before heading home.

    Haven't been to the Japanese one, I like the French one though
  • penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    Synchrotron training for sprint distance triathlon, but the LHC would be better training for an Ironman.

    Start your experiment, ride around the ring until you have found the 'god particle'.

    new location for IMCH perhaps...a nobel prize and a Mdot tattoo in one day.
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