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Another newbie.

Afternoon all.

I'm another recent convert.

Originally a cyclist, starting running earlier this year and casually swimming in between.
Currently reduced my cycling from 250miles per week right the way down to 100 to fit in running etc. Seeing that I am running a half marathon next month.

Though I still have a gut unfortunately, pah (13st @ 5'10'').

I am intending to do a local sprint length in April. Then depending on the result of this I shall be adjusting training etc and hopefully doing either the olympic of sprint length at Dorney Lake next year.

Anyway, my problem isn't really the aforementioned gut, but rather I have knee issues (just the one knee though, not that it makes much difference).

For those medically inclined my left leg is ACL deficient, though my GP doesn't want to reconstruct it. So I'm therefore just doing large quantities of physio with training. I now seldom see my physio therapist as she though it would be a waste of time seeing her as I have established a course that works, and to just go again if it worsens etc.

The point of this is firstly to say hi, "Hi!" and secondly with regards to the aforementioned knee issues and swimming. I have been informed that I probably should try not to use my legs much whilst swimming in an event due to the knee.

Would that be considered reasonable advice?


  • FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Welcome to the forum!

    With regards swimming and using your legs this isn't a problem at all, in fact the opposite! Your legs don't offer much in the way of propulsive force when swimming and as triathletes looking to conserve energy, your legs should be there to keep you stable in the water.

    If anything a slow flutter style kick (not to deep) generated from the glutes. hardly any knee bend at all, toes pointed like a little ballerina. Try and keep your legs together, a good thing is to try and brush your big toes together so you know you are. Mine tend to scissor about a lot when I don't do this and I zig zag my way along...

    Also with wetsuit on your legs should be nice and high in the water too.
  • Thank you for the reply.

    That pretty much ties in with what I have been informed.

    The swim is my weakest part at the moment, and I'm hoping to change that, so thank you for the pointers.

    Just trying to find time to fit in all the required training is a pain.
  • BmanBman Posts: 442
    Hi, welcome!

    I think most people would agree with Flava on this one. A hard kick will just knacker you out anyway, so its more about a very gentle kick to get rotation for the pull and breathe. And as Flava said, its from the bum, so no bent knees. We were told to imagine trying to hold a penny coin between your cheeks. It works but I still havent got it. Good luck and give it horns!!
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