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Boardman Rear Mech Hanger

I know a lot of you have the Boardmans or are consdering them so here's a bit of info FYI.

Great bikes by the way - anyway...

I took my bike to the LBS as i was having some issues with the gears - turned out i'd broke my rear mech hanger.

They struggled to get one so i approached Halfords who didn't stock any but expected some in as others were waiting too.

3 weeks of waiting and still no mech hanger and no signs of one ever appearing.

So anyway here's where to get them if you need one:

http://www.mountainbikecomponents.co.uk ... ll+Hangers

For a Boardman Team Carbon it's number 147.

If you're not sure ring them - email them a photo of the hanger and they'll advise you.


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