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Energy Gel

Want to buy an energy gel to mix in with training and triathlons, its my first time ill use them.
what do you reccomend?
ive heard i should take on 50g of carbs per hours work out?
so guessing just the 1 on a sprint distance tri?


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    You shouldnt need an energy gel during a sprint race....maybe just one about 30 mins before you start.

    I use High 5 both caffeine and normal gels. Its whichever works for you.... its worth just buying a box from one company and trying them in training if they work stick with them. If they dont buy another companies and try them. If you end up having a box of gels that you dont want cos they dont work for you then put them on the for sale forum and im sure someone will have them off you.

    I tend to use gels from Standard distance upwards actually during the race and go for one every 25mins until finish. They take around 20-30mins to get into your system and take effect.

    Main thing is test in training to see if you can stomach them/check they dont give you the sh*ts etc
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