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titanium frames

hi all, does anyone here own a titanium frame bike? what is your opinion on them? i know they are extremely durable but how much performance credibility do the get amongst the tri racing circles?


  • gingertrigingertri Posts: 277
    not to mention very very very expensive!
  • I was lucky enough to "borrow" a Planet-x ti bike a couple of months ago. PX use a Linsky frame (very reknowned ti frame builder). I was very impressed, it was the same weight (if just a tad heavier) than my carbon race bike. It was however, a shitload more comfy on 100mile+ rides, absolutely no flex (from I could see) on the turbo trainer but not as jarring to ride as a carbon frame.

    I would gladdly own a ti frame if it were not for the frequent number of people I know who have had cracks appear in the frame (generally near the welds), titanium is apparently quite difficult to weld and if there is an imperfection (however minute) it will escalate quite quickly.

    Titanium also has the added advantage of when/if you ever stack it you go down in an unbelievable shower of sparks.....
  • penguinpenguin Posts: 37
    I have one, I am a 'large athlete' and am not scarred to fly down a hill that is bumpy....that is my favorite part! I guess that is also why I prefer to race on strong dt 32h wheels, less aero but I have no fear of braking them.

    I am not that bothered by the other benefits....
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