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Hamstring Pain

The pain is at the top of my hamstring, where the muscle joins the bone I think. Stretching doesn't seem to help but I do it a lot anyway.
It seems to be from the bike. I rested it last week and went for a longish road ride today and it is back.

Any ideas what is could be?

I thought it was maybe the saddle as that is where the saddle presses, or perhaps that I have no float on my cleats (I have biomecanica problems when running which are resolved with orthotics)
This was reinforced by the fact that I went moutain biking on Saturday for a good 5 hours and it didn't cause the pain, but then I was stood up a lot and just had flat pedals and trainers so could move my foot.



  • huwdhuwd Posts: 228
    I would expect cleat float problems to really hit the knees first - have you checked your saddle and it's position?

    I have found in the past that if I'm sat too far back on the saddle (or even from a saddle with a wide rear profile on my stupid folding bike) that this can upset the top of the hamstrings.

    Maybe just drop the saddle back on its rails a bit so you are positioned further down the nose and see how it goes.
  • LexLex Posts: 65
    Have you adjusted your saddle height/position before the injury? I have done mine and im fairly sure it was due to raising my saddle too high. As you mention, you dont have problems on the MTB as your stood up most of the time.

    Personally, I find stretching it only makes it worse and would recommend you get it looked at as mine is dragging on and on, even with physio.
  • BootooBootoo Posts: 29
    I did move the saddle forward a bit but it was about 3/4 weeks ago so didn't put the two together. Seems so simple once someone points it out. Feel a bit of a 'nana now
    I will move it back a little & see how that goes.
    Will hold off on the physio to see if the saddle move helps. If there is no improvement I will book in to see someone.
    Thanks guys
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